Mohammed Siraj – The Journey of Auto Driver’s Son Becoming a Cricketer

In India cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion in itself and the cricketers are next only to God’s when it comes to their fans. Every child in India had at least once dreamt of becoming a cricketer and raising the bat in front of a fully packed stadium just like Sachin Tendulkar does. When it comes to role models from cricketing fraternity the batsmen outnumber the bowlers and that is probably one of the reasons why most Indians want to be identified as a batsman rather than as a bowler. But there are some who refuse to follow the herd mentality and follow their heart before taking up important decisions of life.

Mohammad Siraj is one such person who refused to follow the masses and instead put all his focus on enhancing his bowling skills. He dreamt of winning the games for the Indian National Team not with a bat in hand but rather with a bowl. Siraj dreamt of becoming one of the prominent bowlers in the country and thus winning matches and trophies for his nation.

Though Siraj had big dreams in his eyes the reality was always there to wake him up from his dreams and remind him of the poverty that was lingering at home. Yes, he was born to an auto rickshaw driver and a housemaid who had very little means to make ends meet. Even in such dire poverty his love for the game never suffered a bit as his father never let him feel that his love for cricket would hamper the situation at home. His father always made sure Siraj was equipped with best accessories that would help him focus on his game rather than anything else.

With such a staunch supporter in the form of his father Siraj had only one way to go when it came to his game. Siraj first understood the quality of his game when he was able to claim 9 wickets by giving away only 20 runs in a 25 over match. Siraj’s uncle who was extremely happy with his performance had handed him a Rs 500 note which made the match even more memorable to him. That was the first time he had earned money while playing the game.


The same boy who had earned Rs 500 playing for a club team went on to bag a 2.6 crore deal with the  Team Sunrisers Hyderabad showing the world that to be successful in life one needs to work hard with determination. The riches or the talent would never be enough to make it to the top if one is not determined enough to give it his everything every single day until that day when success touches the feet of the person.

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Siraj who had played in the Ranji Tournament, for India A and other club teams and delivered every single time became an overnight success in the eyes of media when he was poached by Team Sunrisers Hyderabad in the auction. Mohammed Siraj’sultimate dream of playing for the nation and making a mark came turned into reality when the selectors impressed by his crisp line and length and the bounce he extracts from the wicket owing to his height selected him to be a part of the ODI team.

Siraj’s journey from earning Rs 500 to earning Rs 2.6 crores a year only proves the fact that if one’s heart is in the right place and if one has the courage to follow his dreams there’s nothing in this world that could stop him from achieving the success he so desires. Siraj’s mother who used to scold him for not giving due importance to studies is now over the moon, enjoying the success her son has achieved at such a small age.

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