Mohan Abhyas – Son of a Samosa Maker Secures All India Rank 6 in the JEE Main 2017

“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you if you are determined to Learn

No one can STOP you” –Educational Quotes

Often general impression is that— good financial conditions of a family help children to acquire a good education. Though this is partially true with respect to access to educational facilities, access alone will not ensure the performance of the children. The inner drive within the kids to excel and overcome the hurdles encountered by their family in their upbringing plays a vital role in determining the degree of dedication shown in their studies. In the Indian context, the possibility of a Doctors wards becoming doctor and actors wards becoming actor is a common phenomenon. But a samosa seller’s son cracking one of the toughest entrance exams of nation Joint Entrance Exams-JEE to secure 6th Rank is an achievement to be applauded by the entire nation.

V Mohan Abhyas is born in a low-income family with both his parents depending on homemade Samosa sales for livelihood.  While Mohan and his mother Mrs. Surya Kala prepare Samosa at home, his father peddles around the city of Hyderabad on his cycle to sell them. Despite the bad financial conditions of the family, Mohan’s father Mr. Subba Rao who migrated to Hyderabad 13 years ago from Western Godavari district has given his children best possible education by admitting Mohan to Narayana Sri Chaitanya schools. Mohan, understanding the gravity of the situation and the sacrifice of parents has worked hard, and the results of his efforts are now available in front of us. He is a consistent performer throughout his schooling and has secured 6th Rank in JEE exams main of 2016 and 1st Rank in Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Medical and Agriculture Entrance Exams-2017.

Though Mohan has studied in Naryana Chaitanya schools and has not taken up any Private Coaching,  Private Coaching center Akash Tutorials has falsely made claims that Mohan is a student of their center.  Mohan’s mother condemns this behavior of the Private Institute, and even Mohan has told to media that he had just written exams at Akash Tutorial’s Centre and credit for his achievement should solely go to his school.

Mohan attributes his success to hard work and support given by his teachers and parents. He admits that he used to study for marathon 8 hours a day. He aspires to provide good education to his sister who is in X standard. Also, Mohan is crystal-clear in his career options. He is interested in Physics and is aspiring to choose B.E in Engineering Physics from IIT Madras and also opines that he is eager to acquire conventional BSc with Physics as one of the subjects by distant education. Unlike many engineering aspirants, Mohan is keen to be a scientist and his role model is our former President A P J Abdul Kalam. Rightly so Mohan Abhyas is felicitated with Student Achiever Award by Sakshi Media Ltd.

It will be appropriate to congratulate this boy for his achievement through a quote on hard work which goes like this— “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.”— Gordon B. Hinckley



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