Mom Refuses To Give Up Her Disabled Baby With “Low Intelligence,” Nurtures Him All The Way To Harvard

It is famously said, As God cannot be everywhere, he sent Mothers. This is so true when we look at the pain and transformation a mother goes through to give birth to a child. She has to make all the sacrifices for those 9 months and later take care of the baby for the rest of her life. But she does it so convincingly that we the onlookers feel motherhood is pretty easy. Though a mother goes through a lot of pain during her delivery, sometimes she gets to give birth to an unhealthy child. This is when all hell breaks loose and people around her give up on the child sometimes including her own husband. But it is only the mother who never gives up on her child and puts in double efforts to make sure her child will lead a normal life.

This story of Zou Hongyan is somewhat similar to the anecdote described above. She was madly in love with a man and after getting married she was pregnant with his baby. In the year 1988, she gave birth to a baby child with horrible birth complications. The child due to these complications was left disabled for life with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors who had carried out her delivery operation advised and encouraged her to give up the child as the child would turn out to be more and more problematic for the parents with passing years. Everyone around would say to her that her child owing to disabilities would lead a miserable and worthless life. So it was good for the child and the parents if they gave up on the child at the beginning itself.

All these talks did not matter to her as she was basking in the happiness of giving birth to a child. But the world came crashing down on her when her husband disowned the child and asked her to do the same. She could not believe that a man she loved so deeply could be such a heartless human being. Though the love of her life advised her to give up on the child she decided that she would still raise the child, with or without a father. This led to her filing for a divorce from her husband to be able to give her full attention to her newborn baby and fill in positivity in his life.

Zou was on a life mission to take care of her baby and do everything that could make his life better. She had firm belief in him being normal in the course of life when no one else did. In order to support her small family of two, she worked on at 3 jobs simultaneously. She worked as an Insurance seller, protocol trainer and also other jobs. Right from the beginning, she would play brain-boosting games with her child to stimulate his senses and used to be very hard on him, fully understanding the fact that if she was not hard on him then life would be. She went to the extent of teaching him how to use chopsticks at a tender age when the boy could barely catch it.

She says, she was hard on the child making him do the things which none of his age did because she wanted him to overcome his physical problems and lead the life like any other normal human being. 29 years later, the same boy who was considered to be useless and hence was advised to be given up – Ding Ding – graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Peking University with his specialization being Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Not only that, currently the same useless boy is pursuing Law at Harvard University.

Just imagine, how the hardworking Zou would have felt when she came to know that all her efforts did bear the fruits and her faith had come true. Yes, Ding Ding could achieve so much in his life because of the unstinted support and faith showed by his mother. We do also have similar mother’s who have sacrificed a lot to bring us to a level in life which we are enjoying currently. Salute to all the Mom’s all over the world for being such fantastic human beings. Do share this amazing story as a tribute to your mother and as a salute to all the mothers in the world.


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