Mother Gives Birth To Real Life “Mermaid” in Tragic Story That Gripped the World

The world was gripped with grief recently when people all over the world came to know about a poor manual labor giving birth to a ‘Mermaid Child’ which could not survive even for a day. Experts believe that the odds were stacked against the child as history says it that a child born with sirenomelia has never survived before and the cause of such a disorder is unknown even now. It is true that the scientific advancements have reached heights and people are getting better medical facilities than ever before but instances like these reiterate the fact that human can and will never be able to fight against the will of nature and would have to bow down to the wish of nature.

The baby was only India’s second case of sirenomelia (Source: Twitter/@bmicalculatoruk)

In what is described as the rarest of the rare phenomena, a manual labor gave birth to country’s second-ever mermaid child. Unfortunately, owing to complicated body structure and extremely rare congenital disorder in the lower spine and lower limbs the baby passed away four hours after the delivery. The condition is named ‘Mermaid’ because the child’s lower body is fused together and the limbs appear like a mermaid’s tail.

Sadly, for the couples, the condition which their baby suffered from is approximately one among 100,000 births and it was first such case recorded in the state. Scientists and medical experts are of the opinion that this condition is certainly fatal in nature and the child can hardly survive for a day or two after the birth due to the issues related to unnatural kidney and urinary bladder formation.

The Daily Mail, which reported this case spoke to the doctor who had conducted the delivery of the baby and brought out the facts of the case in front of the world. The news agency reported that Muskura Bibi, who works as a manual laborer along with her husband gave birth to a mermaid child in the state-run government hospital in Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital in Kolkata. As the couple was working for a meager salary which could hardly help them earn two meals a day, had undergone delivery without conducting any scans during the period of pregnancy. The pregnant lady was also deprived of any proper medication owing to their financial limitations.

Dr. Sudip Saha, who was contacted by the Daily Mail, was of the opinion that the lack of proper nutrition and improper blood circulation may have been the reason for such an anomaly. He also said that he had never seen such a baby before in his medical career. It is the first case of sirenomelia in the state and second in the country, said Dr. Saha and added that though the upper part of the child’s body was developed perfectly the problem was in the lower part of the body as the legs were fused together and lower part was not developed properly.

He said that the mother could not undergo ultrasound sonography during her pregnancy owing to the couple’s poor financial condition. He also reminded that country’s first case of sirenomelia was documented in December 2016. The baby which was born to a woman in Uttar Pradesh was found to be dead only 10 minutes after the birth.

Experts are of the opinion that the condition occurs due to multifactorial causes and result in the death of the baby. Though the exact cause of sirenomelia is unknown, researchers believe that environmental and genetic factors play a major role resulting in such disorder among the baby. The doctors are also of the opinion that a diagnosis can be made prenatally if the disorder is found during pregnancy through ultrasound sonography. The diagnosis which most often is conducted during the second trimester could not be conducted as both the parent and the doctor came to know about the disorder only after the birth of the child.

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