Motiur Rahman Khan – This Man Creates IPS, IAS Officers From His Training Institute That Collects Rs. 11 as Fees

“One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen.”—

 Philip Wylie

11 Players make a cricket team or a Football team. But 11 Rupees being charged as fees for training Indian Civil Services (IAS, IPS, UPSC etc.) aspirants is unbelievable service that a teacher can offer to create a pool of various Govt. officers from underprivileged sections of the society. When graduates in engineering & technology are also queuing in front of hyped-up training institutes across the nation dreaming of making into Civil services as career options in their disciplines are drying out, mushrooming of Civil Services training institutes has become a burgeoning phenomenon across the Nation. But Dr. Motiur Rahman Khan from Patna, Bihar has become a ‘Guru’ Rahman for all those IPS and IAS aspirants who cannot afford to pay huge fees for getting trained to take competitive exams. His academy Adamya Aditi Gurukul is rendering a selfless service of imparting education to all those who cannot afford huge fees by giving it at token fees of 11 rupees. His personal life and professional life have been filled with adventures, and this Kalam Fan club Post tries to throw light on the same.


Education & Family Life

Dr. Rahman pursued three postgraduate degrees in the field of Arts and had also obtained Doctorate in Ancient history and culture. During his studies at Banaras Hindu University, he fell in love with a girl called Amita in his college. It’s Rahman’s deep love for Amita that motivated him to study hard and secure a Rank in M.A so that his lover would be impressed by his talent! Rahman being a Muslim and Amita a Hindu by religion had to face the wrath of both the community people as inter-religion marriages were taboo. Most interesting aspect of their love story is both decided not to get converted to other religion after the marriage. In fact, their children do not have family name suffixed to their names. His daughter Adamya Aditi and Son Abhigyan Arjit are brought up without any religious affiliations. The inter-religion marriage posed a lot of challenges to the couple as both families did not accept them. Even in society, Rahman failed to get any jobs. He finally started tuitions for UPSC exam aspirants in a small rented room where students were made to sit on the floor and listen to the class.

The Taste of First Success in Training- The year 1994         

As mentioned, Rahman, had a quiet beginning to his tuition enterprise. He is a son of Police officer had aims of becoming an IPS officer. Though he had cracked initial rounds of many competitive exams was not able to finally accomplish it. The Training center rechristened as Adamya Aditi Gurkul after his daughter was similar to ‘Cloud computing model’ regarding charging the fees! (That has Rahman accepted whatever students were able to pay as fees.) His selfless service gained countrywide recognition in the year 1994 when Bihar Govt was recruiting 4000 odd inspectors, and 1100 candidates to get selected were from Guru-Rahman’s Adamya Aditi Gurukul! This gave the necessary momentum for Rahman’s journey as a trainer. Aspirants from neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand started thronging into his coaching classes.

The Second Turning Point in Coaching Spree

As the popularity of the center grew, aspirants from all walks of life started flooding to Adamya Aditi Gurukul. One aspirant by name Shadique Alam came who had lost his father and was in deep poverty approached Rahman to get trained and had no money to pay except 11 rupees in his pocket. Guru-Rahman accepted this disciple open heartedly for his training classes for a Guru-Dakishna (Fees) of 11 Rupees. Today the same student has become District Collector. This is how 11 Rupees Fees became standard number at Adamya Aditi Gurukul and those who can’t afford to pay more fees to join the academy by paying this fee. Today, Guru-Rahman has trained more than 10000 students, and many of them have become officers of various statures in Govt.

The Sustainability Model 

Readers might be wondering How Gurukul can cater to the needs of thousands of students by collecting meagre fees from the aspirants. The catch is those students who successfully clear the exams and take up coveted positions in Govt. are contributing to their alma mater in the form of financial assistance and knowledge sharing efforts and empowering the ‘Gurukul’ in its selfless service of educating the underprivileged ones of the society.

Here are few instances opinion of alumni on Gurukul and Guru Rahman:

Mr. Mukesh Choudhary, currently working as CTO opines “Guruji constantly motivates his students just like a father, an important factor for financially poor students. And no one can teach history as he does,”

Ms. Meenu Kumari Jha, daughter of a retired primary school teacher from Bihar, is an IPS officer today. She proudly says that she was one of the 11 rupees category students at Gurukul. And Guru Rahman motivated her to reach the pinnacle of success.

The Social Service Activities from Gurukul

Dr. Rahman knows to channelize the available youth resources at his academy in an optimal way. He takes up various social service activities with the help of human resources available at his disposal like cleaning the Ganges River and conducting Organ donation awareness camps and uplifting the morale of physically challenged citizens by supporting them to take up adventures. The best example is the support given to a physically disabled person by name Anurag Chandra to travel on a tricycle from Delhi to Leh.

Every year nearly 2000 students get trained at Adamya Aditi Gurukul, and Guru-Rahman has become the beacon of light for all those who are aspiring to achieve greater heights in Civil Services. Kalam Fan Club salutes this Guru for his immense contribution to society.


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