Muhammad Shaheer Niazi – 17-Year-Old Teen Just Achieved a Scientific First With This Weird Electric Phenomenon

At a tender age of 17 when kids love to play in the backyard with friends or play online games, this guy from Pakistan has stunned the world with his research. Muhammad Shaheer Niazi has brought a new perspective to Pakistan and has shown the world that though the country is making news for all the wrong reasons, it still has people like Niazi who can make the country proud by their achievements. Children of his age find it hard to go for regular schooling in the country, but this guy has not only conducted a research but also got his research paper published in the prestigious Royal Society Open Science journal. People all over the country and the world are happy about the fact that Pakistan is grabbing headlines for all the right reasons.


At a mere age of 17, Muhammad Shaheer Niazi is already a scientist and a well-known one. His research on Electric Honey Comb was not only accepted by the scientist’s world over but also published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal which in itself is a great achievement considering the high standards Royal Society maintains to publish a paper in its journal.


Though physicists have known the phenomenon of electric comb for decades together, no one has ever been able to achieve the success achieved by this talented young guy from Pakistan. The world is going crazy over his findings not only because he could create an electric comb but also that he could photograph the movements of ions and also record the heat found on the surface of the oil which was not done by anyone earlier.

He was given Electric Honey Comb phenomenon at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Russia last year. Mr. Niazi and four other students had participated in the Tournament making it the first ever team representing Pakistan at such a tournament. As the team successfully experimented, Mr. Niazi thought of getting his research published in a reputed journal. It took him almost one more year to make the necessary research and come up with novel ideas before his research was finally accepted for publication. The happiest moment for the boy and his family came when he received a letter of approval just a few days before his 17th birthday.

“Your research is like your child, and you feel out of this world when it is accepted for publication,” Mr. Niazi told BBC at his residence.

When the interviewer asked Mr. Niazi how the electric comb was formed, he said, “Electric honeycomb perfectly demonstrates how everything in this universe is seeking equilibrium. Its hexagonal shape is the most stable structure.”

To form an electric comb, he says, two electrodes are used; a pointy needle on top of a flat surface with a thin layer of oil on it. High voltage from the needle makes ions bombard the surface of the oil, on their way to meet the ground electrode.

“The amount of energy that goes in equals the energy that comes out, and thus the flow of electricity is efficient. This way equilibrium is restored,” says Mr. Niazi explaining his earlier statement. Mr. Niazi is of the view that using the shadowgraphy technique an oil droplet can be manipulated without the researcher having to touch it. He also says that Engineers can make further use of this technique and use it in biomedicine and printing.

Though his heart and soul is in science, he does take time out to pursue his other hobbies such as art and music. He makes excellent pencil sketches and loves to play the piano whenever time permits. At such a young age Mr. Niazi has already enrolled in many courses online and has developed the art of self-learning. As of now, he has completed 25 courses on platforms like Coursera and has read countless books on science and tech.

This guy who started learning from online stuff at the age of 11, is extremely happy that he has achieved something that has made his country proud. He wants to get enrolled in a reputed educational institution where he can continue with his experiments in physics. He has high hopes for himself and his country. He says that “Isaac Newton was 17 when his first paper was published; I was 16 when I officially received my acceptance letter.” He also has an aim of winning another Noble Prize for his country.

We at Abdul Kalam Fan Club hope that this young guy from Pakistan achieves all the success in his experiment and makes his country proud of his achievements. The world and Pakistan need more kids like Muhammad Shaheer Niazi who can change the face of the nation with their achievements and make this world a better place than ever before. We do hope this guys achievement brings about a revolution in Pakistan and many more kids will come forward and contribute in their respective fields. Please do share this article and help us spread the word about this amazing talent from Pakistan.

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