Mumbai Local Stops For 30 Mins As Passengers And Doctors Help Woman Deliver A Baby In Train

Mumbai is not just a city, it is a world in itself! The city of dreams has changed the life of lakhs of people and has made their life better than ever before. Mumbai is one of those cities which has the magical powers to make your dreams come true. Thousands come to this city to gain a name in the film industry, lakhs of them come to the city to act in the serials and many others come to the city to get a job and help the family. No one goes empty handed from this beautiful city. The city tests the personality of the candidate and if it feels he/she possesses a great personality, the city grants them their wish.

Mumbai is also famously called as the ‘City that never sleeps’. People here are so busy making a living that they do not care to see whether its day or night, they just keep on working. People of the city are so busy and occupied that a 10-minute jam in the train can create mayhem in the city. But this beautiful story illustrates how the city went silent for about 30 minutes to help a woman deliver a baby in a local train. Yes, the same city which we refer to as one of the busiest cities in the country had halted for about half an hour to bring a new life on earth.

This incident happened when a 22-year-old pregnant lady was traveling from Ambivali to Sion. She was accompanied by her husband and they were heading straight to the Sion hospital as she was experiencing abdominal pain. As the train approached Thane, she started experiencing pain and the pain became unbearable by the time the train reached Dadar. When her husband asked people for help, they got together and informed the on-duty police and pulled the chain to help the lady who was going through tremendous pain.

The doctors who were deployed at the station to take care of medical emergencies came running to her and helped her deliver a healthy baby. The lady passengers who were on the train also lent their helping hand to bring a new life on earth. Soon after the delivery, the mother and her child were taken to Sion hospital for further treatment. The greatest joy for the police staff and also the railway authorities was the fact that the same people who would create ruckus even if the train is late by about 5-10minutes, did not utter a word complaining or grumbling even after the train was halted for about 30 minutes at Dadar Station.

The lady’s husband was so moved by the gesture of the people and the intensity around was such that he forgot his own mother at the railway station. When he came searching for her at the railway station, he found her sitting on the platform waiting for him. Even she had no complaints to make as she was also extremely happy that the city came together to help her daughter-in-law when she required it the most.

This amazing story of people forgetting everything for a few moments and coming together to help a lady deliver her baby is a testament to the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. Even though life travels at a rapid pace in the city, the people of the city always have enough time to help a person in distress. Do share this amazing story with your friends to let them know about the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’.


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