New Study Says Eating Food A Fly Has Landed On Could Lead To Ulcers, Infection, And Even Cancer

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Do you know? That fly which lands up on your food has the power to create enough troubles for you which could land you at a hospital. When we were kids, we were advised by our parents not to eat the food on which a fly had landed. But we did not take the advice seriously and continued eating the delicious looking food anyway. But a new study conducted recently has revealed that eating food that a fly has landed on could have serious consequences. Probably, our parents were right when they asked us to be careful enough as to not let the fly land on our food.

A new study done by Penn State University has revealed some of the shocking facts before us. The study which was published in Scientific Reports on November 24, 2017, explains that houseflies and blowflies have the power to cause massive harm to human beings if they land on our food with the bacteria that they take along with them. It further states that the harm is caused to humans as the houseflies and blowflies feed and breed in fecal and decaying organic matter.

As a result of this, they carry hundreds of different species of bacteria, most of which could be extremely harmful to the humans. The researchers conducted the study on 116 flies from three different countries, which have led them to come to the conclusion that flies could harm humans and cause great health problems.

While we were young kids, our ancestors told us not to eat food, flies land on. Ancestors used to explain to us that, the flies would vomit on our food and then fly off. Whether it is true or not, this new study is scary as hell! We never really bothered to think what would happen to us if the fly landed on our food, all we bothered was to swat that fly away and continue eating.

But it is shocking to learn that some of the bacteria found on the flies could result in stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, urinary tract infection, and other related infections. The report also states that flies found in cities more likely carry pathogens than those in rural areas.

“It will really make you think twice about eating that potato salad that’s been sitting out at your next picnic,” says Penn State’s Professor Donald Bryant, co-author of the study. “We believe that this may show a mechanism for pathogen transmission that has been overlooked by public health officials, and flies may contribute to the rapid transmission of pathogens in outbreak situations.”

Yes, if you are not cautious enough and do not take extra care of where are you eating food and where the food is cooked it would lead to dangerous consequences as dangerous as cancer. So, please do take extra care of the food that you are eating and also make sure that your food is not exploited by the flies. Remember Health is wealth, and only if you are healthy you can enjoy life in its true sense.

Please do share this important message with your friends and family to make them aware of this shocking information and help them be extra cautious about their health.


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