Pets Snake Gets Stuck In Girl’s Ear

Doctors find different weird cases coming to them for treatment. Sometimes Doctors themselves create problem to patients by leaving foreign bodies inside the patient’s body like scissors or knifes which gets detected in later scans and patients have to be operated again. But here is a weird case reported in a hospital in Portland, Oregon, USA. The case involving a lady called Ashley Glawe took doctors aback as a ball python was found dangling from her earlobes and she had to rush to the hospital as her snake pet had darted into her gauged earlobe and had got stuck.

She has admitted that it was one of the craziest moments of her life. According to her though doctors in emergency wards will be prepared to any kinds of problems the surprised looks on their faces was everlasting as they wouldn’t easily get an opportunity to extract Snake from a gauged earlobe.

Recalling how quickly her pet snake Bart darted into her gauged earlobes giving her no chance to pull him out and was left with no option but to visit a doctor for help!

During her wait for doctors to attend her, she took different snapshots of her pet decorating her ears like an earring! These photographs went viral and within no time 23,000 people had got a glimpse of this unusual stuff. Naturally, she also had to face criticism from some netizens who accused her of darting the snake intentionally for publicity. But the truth was it was a freak accident.

The doctors could successfully operate her earlobes with a small incision and by applying Vaseline they could pull him out of her ears. Though she had to face irritability for a short period at the end both of them were safe.

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