Photographer Spends Lifetime Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks And The Result Is Worth The Wait

“A Picture is worth a thousand words,” says a proverb. Here is a story of a photographer who creates a story out of audience visiting artwork galleries through his innovative project called People Matching Artworks.

Though all of us will be delighted to visit museums and art galleries the patience required for going through each and every artwork on display in the museum doesn’t exist with all of us. Here is a post from Kalam Fan Club featuring an Austrian photographer Stefan Draschan whose photography projects are unique and distinct from other photographers. The reason is He visits all the famous art galleries and museums across Europe and waits in the museum patiently to click photographs that look like ‘staged-ones’ for the viewers in first look but in reality is a marvelous work created through his eternal patience. The beauty of his photographs is— it features a joint set of subjects first one being the artwork at the display and the second one is the audience viewing the work. His lenses capture the photo in such a way that the viewers become part of the artwork. Readers can find links to his work at Tumblr, Instagram and his personal website

Normally he visits museums in Paris, Vienna, or Berlin to gather artistic works of his own kind. Here we have a feast of photographs captured by Draschan through his lenses.

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