Pooja Kadian – India’s First Ever Gold Medal Winner at Wushu World Championship

Pooja Kadian became the first Indian to win a Gold medal at Wushu World Championships on Wednesday. Kadian won by defeating Evgeniya Stepanova in the 75kg women’s Sanda category. Apart from her, four other members of the Indian contingent – Rameshchandra Singh Moirangthem, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Rajinder Singh, and Arunpama Devi Keisham – won bronze medals in the tournament held in Kazan, Russia. Earlier in 2013, Pooja had won a silver in World Games.

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Kadian had defeated Egypt’s Heba Abdelkader 2-0 in the semifinals on the road to the finals. Rameshchandra Singh Moirangthem won a bronze in men’s Sanda 48 kg category while Bhanu Pratap Singh came in the men’s Sanda 60 kg category. Rajinder Singh won his bronze in the men’s 90 kg category.

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What is Wushu World Championships?

Wushu is not among the more popular sports in the world. It is one of the two umbrella words used to describe Chinese Martial arts, the other one being Kung-Fu. It is also a full contact sport and is governed by the International Wushu Federation. China remains the dominant team in the sport. The Wushu World Championships are held every two years and the first ever tournament was held in 1991 in Beijing. This year, the tournament was held in Kazan, Russia.

The two main forms of the sport are Toulu and Sanda. While players are judged on the basis of martial arts patterns and maneuvers and given points based on specific rules in Taoulu. Sanda, on the other hand, is a modern form of Chinese boxing. It is in the Sanda category that India won its medals.

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