‘Possessed Doll’ Bought On eBay For $1100 Reportedly ‘Attacks’ Its New Owner

Haunted Dolls or possessed Dolls are in use for mystical purposes or the occult practices. Earliest Haunted Dolls were puppets, effigies, and voodoo used for religious purposes by various communities.

The current generation is known to buy these dolls in various online shopping portals and often upload YouTube videos of paranormal activities of these possessed dolls.
Here is an incidence of such possessed doll which is reported to attack its owners by living scratch marks all over their body when they are in sleep.
While the first owner Debbie Merrick decided to sell it off in e-bay as it had begun attacking her husband, scratching him in his sleep and also it is said that the doll used to takeoff its necklace and set fire alarms. This Doll was sold by Debbie for a whopping price of $1100 by a person by name Lee Steer, a paranormal investigator from Rotherham in the UK.

But the incidences of violent behavior from this possessed doll continued in Lee’s home too. Lee’s father started experiencing scratch marks all over the body on waking up from sleep. Lee started investigating these incidences.

After having series of weird incidences at home Lee called for a press conference and this is what he has revealed:

Incidence1- One day the doll was kept packed in a box and Lee’s dad who was sitting downstairs could clearly hear a tapping noise on wood. It was an unusual stuff for Lee family.

Incidence-2 On the same day Lee was busy doing alive stream upstairs and his dad was sitting with Doll downstairs watching the repeat of one of the live streams. All of a sudden Lee’s dad started screaming at his mum that his arms are hurting. Lee’s mom asked Lee to come downstairs as his father had got a number of scratches on his body. Lee has admitted to media that the scratches resembled the ones Debbie’s husband had met with when this Doll was in their custody.

Incidence-3 Not only physical attacks Lee’s family have also noticed a number of strange things happening like many articles getting broken, weird noises heard and flickering of lights on its own.

Incidence-4 One day while the family was discussing about this doll, a picture mounted on the wall by the name “The Crying Boy” started swinging on its own!

Once Lee did a live streaming opening of the doll that 35,000 people watched, and a light used was flickering. And people contacted him and said they could see doll’s eyes moving.

People have bizarre practices and possessing such Haunted Dolls is one such practice amongst many westerners. But inviting trouble from Dolls is not a normal incidence and this story becomes interesting due to the same reason.

Finally here is a brief history of popular Haunted Dolls that have evolved along with the evolution of human race for readers to have a glimpse.

Robert the Doll, Annabelle the doll, Letta the Doll, Voodoo Zombie Doll, Pupa the doll and Mandy the doll are well known among many civilizations as Haunted Dolls.


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