Prabha Nene – The ‘79-year-young’ Woman is Living Her Life to The Fullest

We are busy searching for role models among Bollywood/Hollywood celebrities, bureaucrats, police officers and sportsperson. But we tend to forget that great humans are those who do extraordinary things yet remain simple and humble all through their life. Though it’s not wrong to pick a role model from among those who have achieved great feats in life but it’s also important for us to look at our neighbors and people in surrounding areas as their way of leading a life can teach us far more than what we can learn from celebrities. Normal people like me and you who do things in an extraordinary way can inspire us to lead a new life filled with loads of enthusiasm and passion.

This lady, Prabha Nene from Pune is one such ordinary human being from among us who has led a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. She has shown the courage to defy the societal norms and lead a life as per her terms and conditions. This poster girl of feminism who is 79 year old at present has the power not only to inspire you to achieve something important in life but also to make you understand the importance and joy of leading an independent life.

Her amazing journey of life was shared by Human of Bombay on social media network which has attracted a lot of attention and people have identified her as the one who has helped them in one way or the other through her social activities. The post which went viral can be read here.

As per the lady, she didn’t get married in her life as she never approved of the traditional system where the boy and his family members would come over to the girl’s house for a cup of tea and over the same would decide the fate of the girl. She expressed her unhappiness regarding the traditional system and also mentioned to her father that if she would find someone suitable she would inform him of the same.  Surprisingly, her father supported her and stood with her in this matter. Though she met many men over the years and liked a few, she never got the feeling that she needs to take the next step, hence remained unmarried forever.

She says though she is unmarried, owing to her social contact she has never felt alone in life. This lady is an inspiration to thousands of people for the fact that she has been working in association with the traffic police over the past 16 years to help them in controlling the notorious traffic of Pune. She has been providing her service to the community through a trust ‘Nirdhaar’. In 2000, the trust came up with a new scheme ‘Schoolgate Volunteers’ where the members of the trust and likeminded people would look after the traffic outside the school premises with a view to reduce the unfortunate incidents that happen due to over speeding and reckless driving. Though she is 79 years old she still makes sure that she reaches the school before its opening and closing time to serve as a volunteer to control the traffic. This lady who serves at least outside three schools every day says she has decided to continue volunteering until her body supports her.

One more passion this lady has is driving. She has participated in several rallies and has won numerous trophies over the years. Her first rally was on a scooter in the year 1970, when she took part in the rally from Nagpur to Mumbai on her Vespa. Since then there has been no looking back, as she has rode on her scooter across Tasgaon, Sangli, Bijapur; has driven her 1934 Austin across Bombay and Hyderabad and driven on her Ambassador to Ratnagiri in 7 hours. She says after her retirement from volunteering she wants to drive around Vidarbha – Marathwada region as she has never got an opportunity to explore this historic place in her lifetime.

We wish that she will have a wonderful time exploring this region and will also be able to explore more and more of such historic sites. She has led a life of freedom and hence has been an inspiration for the generations to come. Let’s share this article as a mark of respect for her volunteering works and as a way to inspire others to follow her footsteps to have a completely fulfilling life.

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