Pranjal Patil – Visually Impaired Girl Cracks UPSC in First Attempt

Losers are not the ones who fail in life, but rather the ones who refuse to get up after facing failures. Likewise, successful people are not the ones who never come across failures in life but the ones who are not bewildered by failures and never give up until they achieve the goal they so dearly desire. One becomes successful by his/her attitude towards life. If one looks at challenges as hurdles then no one can help him/her become successful but if one looks at challenges as an opportunity to become the better version of the self then no one can stop him/her from achieving success in life.

This story of Pranjal Patil will reveal to you that it’s the attitude that matters and not anything else. One can achieve anything in life just by having the right attitude towards life. Perseverance, hard work and faith in one’s own abilities is all that is required to achieve success in anyone’s life. This amazing journey of Pranjal will inspire you to strive hard and become the best version of yourself regardless of what your passion is.

Early Setback

Pranjal was born as a normal child and was enjoying the best times of her life with her friends at school when one of her friends stabbed her with a pencil in her eye making her lose the eyesight of one eye. Though this would have brought world shattering down to others and made them lead a life of misery, Pranjal took the incident as a part of life and vowed to herself that she would not let the incident have a negative impact on her future. She was fighting it hard when life punched another blow by taking away the eyesight of her another eye. The side effects of the medicine she was taking to help her deal with the pain in one of her eyes made her lose the eyesight of another eye too, making her completely blind. A person born with normal abilities and who had looked at this wonderful world with her eyes which had beautiful dreams about her future was no longer helping her look at the world. But that did not stop her from dreaming of a future that would make life better not only for her but also for everyone around her.

Though she was not serious about life, career, goal and her future till Standard 10, something struck her and she put in a lot of efforts to make amends in her lifestyle and started preparing for Class 12 examination with a lot of grit and determination.

Everything was going as per her plans till now but from the day she started studying at St. Xavier’s College Mumbai world turned upside down. Firstly she had to change her lifestyle to be able to fit in the college, then she had to speak in English, a language which she was not serious about till then, to be able to converse with others and fit in the groups and lastly she also had to face a lot of comments from every section of the society who were questioning her dreams. While some of them were shameful enough to ask her to stop dreaming big, some tried to be mild by asking her to have someone accompany her to college. Though this was very difficult for her to deal with decided not to give in to those nasty comments and rather focus her energy on achieving something big life.

Pranjal used to bring the notebooks of her friends to home which her mother used to read out for her. It was a challenge not only for Pranjal but also for her mother who had to cope up with different forms of handwriting, understand them and then read it out clearly to her daughter. Pranjal with the help of her mother topped the Mumbai University giving a befitting reply to all those who had questioned her abilities.

She then went on to pursue masters at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, where she also did her MPhil and Ph.D. It was during her stay in Delhi that she decided to write the UPSC Examination and thus serve the people of the country for the rest of her life. In her first attempt, she secured an all India rank of 773 which made her eligible for services in railways. But shockingly railways rejected her citing that she was unfit for the job owing to her 100% blindness. Though this was a big blow to the lady she took it in her stride and decided that she would give another attempt at the exam and would do much better in her next attempt.

Pranjal was able to secure an AIR of 124 in the UPSC Examination making her eligible to become an IAS Officer. Yes, the same lady who lost her eyesight, who was ridiculed by people and was considered unfit for the railways’ service proved every single one of them wrong by becoming an IAS Officer. This amazing story of Pranjal teaches us something very important about life. It teaches us the importance of having perseverance and faith in our abilities. Do share this post if you are inspired by the hard work, determination, and perseverance displayed by Pranjal when everyone else was doubting her abilities.


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