Punjab Has Announced Free Education For Girls From Nursery To Ph.D.

The society is changing at a rapid pace and we are claiming new heights virtually every day. Earlier higher education was considered as a waste of time and money especially when it came to educating girls. As the society is developing and coming out of that feudal mindset, we are now seeing that people are sending their girl child to the best of the best colleges to provide them with education. Girls haven’t disappointed their parents either, today all over the country girls have taken over the baton and are making their parents proud of their achievements. Though the society has changed and everyone wants to send his/her child to schools and colleges not everyone can afford it.

The private colleges in the name of quality, competitive and efficient teaching have started charging humungous fees which are nearly impossible for a common man to pay out of his earnings. The parents sacrifice all their dreams, keep aside all their desires and spend everything they have got on educating their child so that their child would be able to lead a life better than theirs. Yet, there are several parents who do not earn enough to send their child to study in these colleges. The only option left to them was sending their kid to government colleges to learn knowing well that they probably won’t get the same education that they would get in private colleges.

But the scenario is changing. The government colleges have started recruiting efficient teachers with high caliber and intellectual knowledge. The government is making sure that they change the sorry state of affairs of education by recruiting quality faculties, providing extraordinary infrastructure facilities and much more at affordable fees. The government seems to have understood that sending the child to school/college itself is a burden to many parents and hence have come up with programs like paying the parents an amount of money if they send their kids to educational institutions.

When the above situation is prevalent all over the country, the state of Punjab has gone a step further and announced that the state government would sponsor the educational expenses right from Nursery to Ph.D. Yes, you read it right, not only till matriculation or Pre-university; the state government has made education from Nursery till Ph.D. completely free for girl child. The objective behind this move is to make the parents send their girl child to educational institutions to get educated without having to worry about the cost of education. By this step, the government aims to reduce the stark difference among girls and boys when it comes to enrollment ratio for higher education.

The step taken by Capt. Amrinder Singh’s government is being applauded all over the country and the state government is receiving congratulatory messages from everyone. The decision not only provides free education to girl child but also provides them with free textbooks and other academic books which will be made available online. The students can visit the website and download the books for free of cost. The chief minister of the state also made an announcement that they would reintroduce nursery and LKG classes in government schools and free Wifi will be made available for 13,000 primary schools and 48 government colleges.

We salute CM of Punjab for taking this step which will not only help reduce the difference in literacy rate among the male and female section of the society but also will help women lead an independent and respectful life. Do share this amazing news with all your friends and family!

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