Rajashekhar Reddy – Story of a Visually Impaired Who Became a Chartered Accountant

We have covered few stories of ordinary people achieving the extraordinary and becoming an example for others. Today, we have one more such story of a person despite losing his eyesight never gave up.

For all those who are the thing to give up in life, the story of Rajashekhar Reddy who is visually impaired but managing to clear Chartered Accountancy is worth a read.

Rajashekar was born in a low-income family in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. His father was an electrician, whose income would sparsely fulfill the needs of the family. Rajashekhar was not visually impaired until he was at the age of 11. He was studying in 5th Standard when a tumor in his head cost him his eyesight. Rajashekhar’s mother who was trying to take up a job to surpass the economic condition of the family thought that her son now needed love and attention, decided to support her son. This crucial decision reciprocated in Rajashekhar Reddy and inturn, it changed everything for him.

With no direction to his life, his grandmother was the first dawn in his desolate life, when she discovered about a blind school in Hyderabad. Until then they were not aware of any such schools in their proximity. This was the first English medium blind school in the nation. ​It was a new life to Rajashekhar Reddy who decided to take a new direction in his life leaving his past behind him. When he was pursuing his 10th standard, he got to know about the Chartered Accountancy. His affection towards the subject made him decide to pursue a career in that stream. He completed his B.Com from Osmania University and started working hard to clear the CA examinations. Clearing CA exams is a challenging task, but it becomes even tougher when one does not have any eyesight. Unfortunate for him, there were no Braille script books available for Chartered Accountancy. Luckily, to assist him in the preparation, an NGO came ahead. The NGO along with Rajashekar’s CA coaching class teachers converted the hard copies of the study material into an audio format. During the classes also he used to record the lectures to study later. As his training center was far away from home and had to catch a bus before 6 in the morning, commuting was another challenge he successfully overcame.

In the year 2013, when he was just 23, he cleared the Chartered Accountancy, with all the might. He proved to the world that with a strong will, strong intentions and facing the challenges head on, dreams do come true. Rajashekhar Reddy is thankful to all the people who offered help, support all along his journey.

This success story proves that nothing can stop you from reaching your goal if you work hard and face challenges head on.



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