Rajgauri Pawar – The 12-Year-Old Girl Whose IQ Is Higher Than Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking

I have an ulcer. It has an IQ of 185”— is a brainy quote from American comedian Paul Lynde. Jokes apart, these days schools consider good IQ and EQ scores as an important entity that all students should possess. In a modern society, more students are getting trained to take up IQ tests conducted by various societies. Mensa IQ Test is one such prestigious and oldest test conducted by a non-profit organization to certify IQ scores of people.

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While having a good score in Mensa IQ tests is the toughest task to achieve, to top the list of scores is not cake walk stuff. That too for a 12-year-old school girl to outscore the performance of genii like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein is a dream come true. Rajgauri Pawar, a school going girl of Indian origin has achieved this feat by scoring 162 points in Mensa IQ test. She is the youngest girl to achieve this score in the history of Mensa IQ Tests. Now she has elite British Mensa membership for high IQ talents across the globe.  As quoted by Indian Express and Daily newspaper, Rajgauri felt as if she was on cloud nine, when the results were announced and when she came to know that she is in elite top 1% of IQ crew with likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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Rajgauri Pawar from Cheshire County is currently a student of Altrincham Girls Grammar School, a prestigious school in U.K. She took up Mensa IQ Test, as her parents insisted her to take up this test. Rajgauri was initially very nervous to take up the test but felt relieved when she performed well. About her future plans, she aspires to take up medicine and also possess interests in astronomy and physics.

Her father Dr. Suraj Kumar Pawar, a research scientist at the University of Manchester and native of Baramati in Pune, India has provided clear statistics of Mensa IQ tests, which goes as follows—currently there are 20,000 people who have cleared Mensa IQ test across the globe, and among them only 1500 are children who form only 2% percentile. Importantly Rajgauri tops the 1% percentile creamy section, and she is one of the youngest to achieve this feat.

Revealing the details about the Mensa Test preparation Rajgauri has opined that test doesn’t demand academic subject knowledge and predominantly it comprises of aptitude tests that too non-verbal reasoning.  About the exam, she has said that the entire test was a mixed bag with easy questions at the beginning and tougher ones at the end. According to her, competing with time to complete the paper was the most challenging aspect of this test.

Rajgauri Pawar has Achieved a rear feat in the field of Intellects which even adults fail to accomplish and has upheld Indian Tri-Colour high. Kalam Fan Club crew is delighted to feature this prodigy’s accomplishments, and we wish her bright future and good luck in all her endeavors.




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