Rajni Gopalkrishna – First Visually Impaired Woman to Become a Chartered Accountant From India

Most of us brood for trivial things like difficulty in getting up early in the morning, traffic jams, work pressure at the office, getting children ready for school, etc. But we always forget that we all have been blessed with a ‘physic’ and ‘psyche’ that any normal human being should naturally possess. We do not realize how differently abled folks accept challenges imposed on them and accomplish greater feats. The adage “Eyes are Useless When the Mind is Blind” applies aptly to Ms. Rajani Gopal Krishna, who has become a source of inspiration for all those who are blind by becoming first ever visually impaired Chartered Accountant from India.  The roller coaster journey of this lady is worth publishing in portals like Kalam Fan Club that inspires humanity to move towards positivity.

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Steven’s Syndrome Strikes Nine Year old Girl

An evening Rajani Gopalkrishna, a nine-year-old girl came back home complaining about high fever. Rajani was taken to a doctor, who with carelessness administered the wrong dosage of penicillin drug to Rajani without verifying her body nature. Unfortunately, Rajani’s body reacted adversely to this drug and was diagnosed with a deadly syndrome called Steven’s Syndrome which can affect multiple organs. In Rajani’s case, her eyes were affected, and vision started deteriorating day by day. By the time she could complete her graduation Rajani’s right eye had lost complete vision.

Reaching the first milestone – B.Com

Rajani was a gutsy girl as she didn’t crib about diminishing eyesight; she never wanted to lead her life in the mercy of others. Overcoming the difficulties faced due to deteriorating vision, she cleared her B.Com examinations. As the majority of folks get into some job after graduation, Rajani too tried for a job. Her bad eyesight became a bottleneck in fetching a job as the majority of employers rejected job citing the reason of poor eyesight. As the saying goes ‘Blessing in Disguise,’ Rajani was blessed by this behavior of the society. She decided to take up Chartered Accountant course and aim high instead of cribbing.

Journey of becoming a CA

Chartered Accountant course is one of the toughest one, and many graduates drop out of this course half way through as they lose hopes of completing it. This Girl Rajani was not one amongst the crowd. Her Left Eye also had started diminishing.  As she has put in her words

“It was tough for me to read the books, I had to keep it close to my eyes and read. Eyes used to get strained quickly. I had to find out alternate ways to keep up with the preparation phase. The solution I could find out is to read for few minutes and next few minutes close my eyes and recall what all concepts I had learned. This method helped me a lot to reinforce the concepts in my mind. This method worked out well as my eyes were getting enough rest.”

On the commuting front, she used to prefer walking instead of relying on vehicles, but she had to depend on public transport for long distance travel. As days progressed, she completely lost her vision in left eyes too. She didn’t get deterred; a good friend introduced her to screen reading software called JAWS. She learned effective usage of this software from teachers at Samrathanam Trust for disability, Bengaluru. She became well versed in operating computers. Overcoming all the hurdles, she appeared for 2002 CA exams and came out with flying colors. Also, it is worth mentioning that she is the first Blind CA from our nation. Rajani opines that practicing Meditation was pivotal for her success as it helps us to gain concentration. She regularly practices Sahaja Yoga – A form of meditation. The combination of yoga and use of screen reading software rekindled her determination to accomplish the CA course.

Career Journey after becoming CA             

It was Indian Group of Hotels that offered her the first Job. She served for Taj West end Hotel groups as Community Initiatives Facilitator. Her responsibilities were mainly of CSR, and also she had prepared budgets and submitted to the management. Later she applied to placement cell of ICAI and got an offer from IT giant Infosys in 2006. She played the role of accounting research activities and provided technical accounting and reporting updates to various wings. From 2016 onwards she is in charge of finance operations at CBM India, which is an organization working for the upliftment of the disabled community.

Awards & Recognitions   

Rightly Rajani Gopal Krishna has received various awards and recognitions. In 2005 she was awarded CavinCare Ability Award. She was felicitated by Governor of Karnataka, National Association for the Blind Bombay, Karnataka Welfare Association for the Blind, Rotary Club, Lions Club, and many social organizations. In December 2012, she was awarded Karnataka State Award on occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

PC: cbmindia.org.in

Rajani Gopal Krishna is a person who can kindle the urge for pursuing higher studies not only among disabled members of the society but also to ordinary human beings like us. Kalam Fan Club wishes her to derive more energy to accomplish more feats in her career.




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