Rakesh Udiyar – The Sweeper Who Became Fitness Trainer of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

“I have a Family-Pack (obese tummy) instead of Six-Pack”  is what many middle-aged Indian men and women of India speak out lightly on their obese body. At the same time, the predominantly majority of the crowd today have become fitness freaks and sweating it out in Gyms, Aerobics, Yoga Centres and Playgrounds to maintain fit body stature. We often admire Aamir Khan for experimenting with his body to suit the character he would be portraying, whether it is college dude looks of ‘3-Idiots’ or Dangal’s looks of Mahavir Phogat; He is amazing with his adaptability. Salman Khan is another fitness freak who maintains a healthy body structure with dedicated workouts. But this Kalam Fan Club post is about a person by name Rakesh Udiyar who works behind the scenes to transform our on-screen celebrities whom we admire and worship as role models.

Rakesh Udiyar neither belongs to a family of Sports background nor is from an affluent family that could have pumped up enough finances to become a bodybuilder or a fitness trainer. He was born in a middle-class family that had to reel under severe poverty due to ill health of his father. He went on to sell cola-candies on streets, worked as a sweeper in Dhaba before joining a gymnasium as a sweeper and grew up as Trainer who has not only trained celebrities but also chiseled five world championship bodybuilding medallists as a trainer.

Childhood Days & Hardship

Rakesh Udiyar’s was born in a middle-class family his father was a contractor with Hamilton cycles, and somehow family was able to put a show and lead a life. But unfortunately, when he was Six years old his father was met with a paralytic stroke and entire family was literally pushed to streets with no reserves to look after their ill father. All the members of family inevitably chose to work for wages with Rakesh selecting cola-candy selling on streets to earn a daily profit of Rs.10. His mother started working in households as maidservant and brother were working in a tea stall. By the financial support given by a woman called Bina Chablani, Rakesh got admission to a Marathi Convent school. After the school hours, Rakesh used to sell cola-candies to make ends meet.

The journey as a child labor had begun for Rakesh, He even worked as a construction laborer and enjoyed the work of lifting heavy materials at construction sites as it helped him to tone up his body. Rakesh even recalls that during those days his toned body was admired by many passersby.

Turning Point at Amritsari Dhaba

At the age of 16, Rakesh Udiyar was working as a sweeper at Amritsari Dhaba; He coincidentally met two gym owners who offered him a sweeper job at their gymnasium. Rakesh who was a fitness freak readily accepted this offer, and it was a promotion for him as he felt sweeper’s job at the gym is better than at Dhaba. Even at Gym Rakesh used to clean the floors with hands as he felt physical exercise is always good for health. Slowly he got graduated as a spotter – whose role is to help customers during training sessions with machines. Quickly he was promoted as Full-time Instructor and started enjoying every bit of this role.

First Stint of Celebrity Training    

One day a friend from Gold Gym approached Rakesh Udiyar to train a high profile client who turned out to be Arbaaz Khan. Rakesh meticulously planned the session for Arbaaz, and within two months, Arbaaz reduced from 95 kgs to 83 kgs. During this period he also got an opportunity to work with Diya Mirza. Thus, Rakesh’s name started getting associated with celebrities. He has even trained Ram Charan of Telugu Film industry and various other celebrities like Kunal Kapoor, Daisy Shah, and Pulkit Samrat have got trained from him.

Big opportunity to train Salman Khan

Rakesh got the opportunity to train Salman Khan for his hit movie Body Guard. Interaction with Salman Khan was a real learning experience for him as the dedication of Salman for workouts helped him to get out of the mindset of training celebrity. He recalls that Salman Khan used to hit Gym even at Night 2, after having traveled all the way from London for shooting. Salman gave him many more references and Aamir Khan was also one of such references.

Stint with Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan contacted Rakesh to take his help to train his Son Junaid, who had put up a lot of weight. But later he got the opportunity to train Aamir for Dhoom-3 and his latest flick, Dangal. According to him, he is strict Disciplinarian and Aamir being a perfectionist was right match to get trained by him. He even recalls how he used to reinforce positive training in Aamir by making him lift 50-60 kgs of weight by telling him a simple lie that the weights were only of 30 kg.

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Training World Champion Body Builders

As aforesaid, Rakesh Udiyar is not only famous for his association with celebrities but he himself has created many sporting stars like Saiyed Iqbal to win a silver medal at the Mr. Olympia Amateur Championship the first-ever feat from Indian.

Word of Advice to Common Man

According to Rakesh the body transformation done by Celebrities is not a miracle it is an outcome of continuous efforts for 3-4 months with proper dietary and doctor advice. The only difference he could make out between training others in comparison to celebrities is—“Celebrities have strict deadlines whereas common man doesn’t have one.”

Abdul Fan Club is proud of this man who has shown to the world one can transform himself from being a sweeper and candy seller on Mumbai streets to don the status of most sought of fitness trainer by big players.


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