Remember The Man Who Walked Miles To Find Wife A Kidney Donor? They Just Got A Call

It’s really heartwarming to see how love can make people do wonderful things. There have been thousands of instances where people have overcome a major crisis in life with the support of their loved ones and also instances where people have done impossible things just to prove their love to the world. Love, a feeling which cannot be described in words have the power to let people do incredible things that would make people drop their jaw. One such incredible story of love which surfaced on the internet recently was the story of a 74-year-old, Wayne Winters who used walk miles and miles every day to find a donor to his wife who was suffering from kidney failure.

Wayne Winters and Deanne, his wife, were happily married for 26 years and were spending the best of times together when a bad news came as a lightning in their life-disrupting them and taking the sheen off their marriage. They had received a bad news from their doctor that Deanne was diagnosed with 5th stage of kidney failure. When Wayne went through the National Kidney Foundation estimates that about 1 lakh people were in the waiting list for a donor to help them and the list would add up another 3000 people with every passing year, he was in tatters. He was not ready to wait for 3-5 years to find a match and waste the precious time they could spend happily together. So he decided to matter on his hands and hence took out a sandwich board, wrote: “Need Kidney 4 Wife” in big letters and hung it around his neck to attract the attention of the passerby.

He says, his favorite time was when traffic was at its peak as at that time traffic would be moving slow and he would get a chance to attract the attention of as many people as possible. Looking at this old man asking for help through his signboard, people started enquiring about the ways they could help and they also took note of the phone number and blood group written by the old man on his signboard. After a few days of doing so, he started getting about 700-800 calls a day and people were ready to help him in every way possible. Overwhelmed by the response he got, Wayne patiently waited for the donor who would be a match to his wife.

When asked that when they had already lived 26 years together, so what inspired him to go out and seek help from people to extend his wife’s life, Wayne says, he wanted to see her happy once again and by his efforts if he could extend her life by at least 5-8 years he would consider himself to be lucky. This response by Wayne made people realize how deeply he loved his wife and how wrongly people have assumed that love fades off after a few years of staying together.

Finally, after a lot of calls and lots of walking, Wayne and Deanne were successful in finding a match and she has successfully gone through the process of transplantation. When asked what would he do now as his wife is absolutely fine, he says he would continue campaigning the way he used to so that he could create awareness among people about the kidney failure problem and also make them come ahead to help the patient in every way possible. We salute Wayne, for showing such a great determination at an age of 74. Just think of this, if a man who is in his mid 70’s can do such incredible things for his love what can we achieve if we start sharing the same passion. I am sure this world would be a wonderful place if all humans did great things for their love. Do share this wonderful story with everyone you know to spread love and happiness in their lives.



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