Rifath Sharook – 18-Year-Old Boy Who Built the World’s Smallest Satellite

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It is known that the amount of knowledge to be equipped is as vast as the ocean, and learning never ends. In this era of science and technology, where people struggle to stay up-to-date with the technology, Rifath Sharook, a teenager, aged 18, hailing from Tamil Nadu not only stayed up-to-date with the tech but, amazed the world by building world’s lightest satellite. This satellite will meet its destiny, when it will be launched on June 21. Rifath’s work came into limelight when he won a competition called “Cubes in Space,” organized by NASA in collaboration with I Doodle Learning. The satellite is made from 3D printed carbon fiber and weighs approximately 64 gram. In honor of our beloved late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, this satellite has been named KalamSat. Not only did Rifath make India proud with his outstanding work, but, his work is considered as the first-ever experiment of an “Indian student” which NASA would be undertaking.

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The satellite will be launched from NASA’s facility at Wallops Island. The mission would last for 240 minutes after the launch. For 12 minutes, the satellite would function in a microgravity environment of space. According to the statement issued by Rifath to Times of India, the satellite’s primary role would be to demonstrate the performance of 3D printed carbon fiber. In an interview with Business Standard, Rifath said “We designed it completely from scratch. It will have a new kind of onboard computer and eight built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the earth. The primary challenge was to design an experiment to be flown to space which would fit into a four-metre cube weighing 64 grams.”




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