Roshni Mukherjee – Thanks to Her, Students Now Have No Exam Fear

Many teachers are born out of intuition in their school or college days to teach their peer group. Some even try to emulate their teachers who would have inspired them during their schooling while some more are born with the idea to improvise what their teachers couldn’t deliver to them. Roshni Mukherjee—the focal point of this post is a teacher who is an amalgamation of all three factors listed above. She was a most sought of teacher for her friends in school to get doubts clarified; she also wanted to improvise on existing teaching methods that are either of poor quality or unaffordable to the mass population of the nation. Quality with affordability prompted her to float her venture quitting lucrative corporate jobs.


Childhood, Education, and Career 

Roshni was born in a Bengali middle-class family. She is one of those lucky girls to possess parents with ever encouraging attitude in all her ventures to contribute at least a delta-X service to the society. She excelled in academics throughout her academics and was Science Merit scholarship holder in her M. Sc (Master of Science). She did her M. Sc from Hansraj College affiliated to Delhi University. Being a meritorious student at College naturally was handpicked by Wipro Technologies in placement interview, and she served there for nearly three years. Later she got the opportunity to work for Hewlett Packard (HP) as Senior Quality Analyst for three years. By 2014 she decided to pursue her passion for teaching (which was a part time activity since her days at Wipro) in full time and resigned to be a mentor for thousands of students online through YouTube Videos in her channel

Behind the screen reasons for the venture

Roshni had a teacher within her from her college days. Her peers praised her for making their life simple in understanding toughest concepts in college. This gave a boost to her inner self to do teaching as a hobby. Being a topper naturally got her into the corporate world. But being in corporate didn’t stop her from practicing teaching since her days at Wipro her weekend activity was not to only to have fun outing but prepare videos for classes 6th to 12th and upload them to YouTube. She was clear in her objective that providing quality education at affordable pricing (in fact free of cost) to Indian children in the remotest part of the nation is possible online and the Internet is the weapon of transformation. Roshni always emphasizes the fact that the Internet can break all the barriers of caste, creed, religion, and place to reach every child of this nation. Thus a free education portal was born and today grew up to have more than 4500 video lessons currently on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for Class 6 to 12. In recent past, it has been a favorite channel for many aspirants of medical exams through NEET exams also.

Growth & Future Plans

Today the type of feedback receives from both parents and students is overwhelming. As a consequence, Roshni has plans to translate all her videos to regional languages, so that majority of rural section students get benefitted. She has plans to expand the subject domains beyond Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology and to address needs of different educational boards. Also, she tells that Education should not be exam oriented but a Learning experience.

Significant challenges faced

Roshni throughout her career believed in the quote “Work Hard in Silence and Let Success Make the Noise.” She opines that time management was an uphill task for her as a freelancer in her initial days where she had to burn midnight candle to make videos and sacrifice her weekend fun to be up to date in preparing video tutorials. She agrees that resigning from the corporate world and taking up the passion in full time eased out her pressure and also expresses gratitude to her husband Gopal Agarwal, for supporting her morally.

Supplement learning tool, not a replacement

Roshni always emphasizes that Online learning can be a supplement to conventional brick and mortar schools and should not be treated as a threat to the existing system. She urges schools to adopt this teaching method to facilitate better learning experience among children as it provides a platform for self-paced learning which is an impossible task in one-to many styled classroom teaching scenarios. Also, online learning helps the current generation tech-savvy kids to be up to date with learning.

Roshni’s message to parents

“Education is continuous learning. It should never be exam oriented; rather should be learning oriented; Fear of exams should not take away the fun of learning. Why Fear, when ExamFear is here? Enjoy learning!”

We at Kalam Fan Club congratulate and thank Roshni Mukherjee for her concern towards transforming education scenario of India by being an inspiring modern day teacher through this teacher’s day special feature of the year 2017.

Here is her YouTube channel for your reference:


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