Sandeep Bacche – An Autorickshaw Driver Who Gives Free Rides To The Needy

Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan need no introduction in India. All these celebrities are Kings of Bollywood who reside in a locality called Bandra in the city of Mumbai. But Kalam Fan Club introduces to readers another ‘King of Bandra’ who is nowhere related to Bollywood but has become a renowned personality in the locality with his Auto Rickshaw that has 7 Star Comforts plying on roads of Bandra. Yes, the focal point of this post is an incredible human being from Bandra called Sandeep Bacche, who has been in the driving career for past 17 years and has earned a reputation as philanthropist amidst his service as an auto rickshaw driver. Though Sandeep missed out on serving the nation in borders by getting into his dream career of defense, he is delivering National Service as an Auto driver with free service for disabled, patients and commuters in an emergency. Sandeep Bacche was born in a middle-class family with three brothers and two sisters and did his schooling up to 10th standard before hardship at home forced him to the driving profession.

Auto Rickshaw with living room comforts

Sandeep Bacche proudly portrays “I am proud to be Indian” slogan on his rickshaw which also contains photographs of National leaders, Celebrities and the various services available in the rickshaw are: Hot Coffee/Tea @ Rs.5, Drinking water, Free Mobile Charger, Wi-Fi-Enabled Telephone Facility, LCD TV and First-Aid kit. Also, Newspapers and magazines are made available with toffees for small children.  He displays weather forecast of the day without fail. He proudly recalls that many passengers acknowledge the facilities by comparing it with the comfort of their Living Rooms. He also remembers that few college students humorously had queried about the availability of Toilet facility in his three-wheeler. Immediately Sandeep made it a point to notify about the limitations of his 7 Star comfort on wheels, and he displayed the words—“ Sorry No Toilet Facilities available.” Sandeep ensures his vehicle is picture perfect by cleaning it every day before his saga of service begins.

Philanthropist on Three-Wheeler

Providing facilities for passengers is one part of the story. This Three-wheeler King possesses a big heart that beats to serve the needy ones of the society in its own way. Sandeep, as mentioned above, was an NCC cadet aspiring to join Indian Armed Forces. The poverty-ridden family set-up deluded him from realising this dream. He had to settle for a driving career which he has accepted wholeheartedly to serve the society and nation.

He gives a free ride to blind and disabled passengers. He is available at service for people in emergency and provides discounted fare for newly married couples. He creates awareness about Eye Donation, Water Conservation, and Environmental Pollution and Saves the girl children campaigns. He collects old clothes from various people and distributes to nursing homes and orphanages. He even maintains a Cancer Relief Donation Box in his rickshaw to obtain charity from his passengers. He also has a set of regular passengers from whom he collects normal fare and utilizes it to support his social cause campaigns by keeping aside Rs.2 from the fare collected during every ride to donate for charitable trusts.

Sandeep has become a role model to all of us so that we can stop cribbing about unaccomplished dreams and concentrate on the work in hand to help the society in our own unique ways. Kalam Fan Club wishes Sandeep Bacche has blessings of almighty in implementing his ideas to serve the needy.

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