Sandeep Kumar – India’s First Paraplegic to be Employed in the Aviation Industry

If we read about Jon Morrow— the most influential blogger of present times at the link various facts get revealed: except eyes and lips almost all parts of his (Jon Morrow’s) body like hands, feet, arms and legs are almost paralyzed despite which he has written articles read by more than 5 million people and has built several online magazines that have surprisingly made him a millionaire and he has an amazing life which many of us dream to have.  Disability shouldn’t be seen as the impediment to the well-being of any individual. Whether it is the United States or India, We get numerous examples of differently able personalities proving their prowess.

This Abdul Kalam Fan club post is about one such personality Sandeep Kumar, whose misfortune paralyzed his lower abdomen at age of 7 and was forced to lead his entire life in a wheelchair. The carelessness of Doctor who administered expired penicillin injection paralyzing this boy who was seven years old being the root cause for permanent disability of this boy also has a lesson about the careless attitude of medical practitioners towards their patients. But the focal point of this post is to bring out the manner in which this 7-year-old boy grew up got educated and dared to occupy the position of first Indian Paraplegic to be recruited by aviation industry in India and is seen as a role model by millions of differently able citizens of the nation.


The Childhood Days & Education   

Sandeep was born in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh state. He was only seven years old when a doctor treating him for illness administered expired penicillin drug and the next morning when he woke up he had immovable limbs on the lower part of the body and realized his lower half of the body was permanently paralyzed and the wheelchair is his lifetime companion. Rural India has a common belief that disability means life has nothing in store to offer them except sympathy and apathy. In Sandeep’s case also it turned out to be true and many neighbors advised his parents not to waste money on his education. But Sandeep was determined to study and continue his education. As Sandeep puts it— “I had to accept the reality that I couldn’t change. But definitely, I had the option of channelizing my energy into something worth of instead of cursing my drawbacks.” Since his childhood days, He dreamt of becoming an Engineer. He also recalls the days he obtained a bad score in X class and his friend brushed aside his chances of making into Engineering. He did not lose hopes and aspired to join IIT. Though he couldn’t make it to IIT, He succeeded in obtaining a Computer Science Engineering seat in Govt Engineering College of Kanpur.

Dreams of making a big career 

Sandeep not only succeeded to acquire Engineering degree from Kanpur institute but also got recruited for an MNC as a software engineer. But his inner self-didn’t allow him to be restricted to the cubicle. He was willing to work with people more rather than machines. He applied for a Job at Indigo Airlines, though he had a feeling that paraplegic like him might not get recruited in aviation sector he gave a try. After a period of 3-4 months, he got a call to join the company. He was recruited to customer service section of the aviation industry. Most interestingly he helps out people with special needs to get their boarding passes and get into flights without any hassles. He addresses various queries from passengers and resolves them with utmost care in Delhi Airport. He happily recalls that today none of his colleagues treat him as disabled and happily goes to office without worrying about the disabilities he actually has. He is proud of his dressing sense that often gets applause from his colleagues. Today this boy from Jhansi has grown up as an adult who is leading an independent life and has started many ventures like NGO called Ally Foundation that focuses on empowering disabled souls. He is also a singer and was part of college band and never misses the opportunity to showcase his singing talent. He has dreams of writing a book and representing the country in Paralympics as a powerlifter.

Kalam Fan Club wishes Sandeep Kumar succeeds in all his endeavors and at the same time let us spread this positive story amongst our peers and help millions of differently able persons of the nation to get motivated to reach greater heights in their career and life.

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