Sanjay Latthe – The Journey From Being a Daily Wage Earner to a PhD

“True Innovation is coming up with a product that the customer didn’t even know that they needed.”


The adversaries bring out the best out of very few persons. Dr. Sanjay Latthe from Solapur in the state of Maharashtra is one such rare personality. Sanjay Latthe was born in a low-income family with two elder sisters and one elder brother. Fate was cruel to this family as they lost their father at a very young age. It was a complete earn-and-learn situation for Latthe as a young boy. Everyone in the family had to involve in one or the other labor work. His mother used to do embroidery work to meet the ends of the family. Latthe was keen on pursuing education despite hardships at home. He successfully played the dual role of daily wage laborer and student. He was keen on learning science and particularly Physics. After acquiring basic qualifications he joined Shivaji University, Kholapur for pursuing M Sc (Master of Science) in the year 2005. On completion of M Sc in the year 2007, he enrolled for Ph.D. in Nano Science and as a full-time scholar obtained his doctoral degree in the year 2010. Dr. Sanjay is keen on making this world a better place to live and his innovations primarily have social relevance.

Nano Particle Coating for Automobile Windshields

Monsoon season brings out greater challenges for people who are traveling. Those traveling with four wheeler vehicle in rains have to face the tantrum of rain god as the visibility of streets is a major concern and windshields of their vehicles have to be constantly wiped with wipers. But heavy rains lashing on the windshield makes even wipers useless.

Since Dr. Sanjay Latthe has been working in the area of Nano-particles for marathon eight years, He has come with a nanoparticle coating for windshields of cars so that it acts as a water repellent and renders glass wipers useless. Dr. Sanjay has taken this project with sanctity and has published nearly 44 research papers on the topic and has given series of innovation talks on the topic across the globe.

His zeal for learning has not dried up and has completed Postdoctoral from Istanbul, Turkey, and he has worked as Research Professor at Korea University. Currently, he is associated with Savithri Bhai Phule University at Pune.

The Challenges Ahead

Though Nano-particle coating developed by Dr.Latthe has met its objective of repelling water particles from windshield surface its durability is less as current coating comes only for 35-50 days. Dr. Latthe and his team are currently working on enhancing the durability of this coating so that practically all automobile users can get it installed in their vehicles. For his ongoing activity, Central Department of Science and Technology awarded him with INSPIRE- (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) awards in the year 2015. As a part of this award, he is granted Rs. 35-Lakh for five years and a monthly stipend of Rs.80000.

According to Dr. Sanjay Latthe, education is the only panacea to all social problems, and only education can eradicate poverty from society. Dr. D B Shinde, who was vice-chancellor of Shivaji University Kolhapur, during felicitation giving to Dr. Sanjay for winning INSPIRE award in the year 2015 had lauded Sanjay’s achievement. According to him, Dr. Sanjay Latthe is the inspiration for millions of youngsters who are in the mode of earn and learn situation.

Kalam Fan Club wishes this young scientist success in his innovations so that society gets benefitted from his socially relevant products.

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