Sanjay Rathore – The Police Officer Who Teaches Slum Children For Free

“Let me be clear about this. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a police problem,” said Keith Richards a renowned Guitarist and Lyricist, venting the horrifying experience common people have with policemen. Talk to street hawkers in cities of India, and they will complain about ‘Treating Policeman well with bribe’ to sustain the business. Instances of citizens caught in false allegation tortured by police also occur in a dime a dozen numbers. In nutshell Police and Police station doesn’t give a rosy picture in the Indian context. Despite such adverse statistical proofs against them, many police officers have exhibited philanthropic characteristics and saved lives of many and are involved in social service acts. This post is about a policeman Mr. Sanjay Rathore, who started teaching children of downtrodden sections of society by associating with an NGO, and continued his mission even after the NGO washed off its hands from funding this noble cause of imparting free education to slum kids. Sanjay, based in Indore of Madhya Pradesh has taken the cause of educating slum kids like a mission and has pumped in his hard earned savings to the cause to start a Free School called Sanjeevini Bal Mitra with 100 teachers disseminating knowledge to nearly 1200 children. Let us dive into this exciting journey of a police officer through this feature.


Inception of Teaching

Mr. Sanjay Rathore, a law graduate from School of Law of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya (DAVV) accidentally took up teaching slum children as part of an Education drive initiated by Police Department of Indore city to create awareness among slum children in 2003. Mr. Sanjay derived a sense of satisfaction in teaching. But abruptly the NGO which was funding this program stopped supporting it, and a noble initiative came to a halt in the year 2006. But Sanjay Rathore was not ready to stop such a program; He continued running this mission single-handedly by renting a place near Chhatripura police station and gave free coaching to numerous underprivileged children. Mr. Rathore is happy teaching computer basics, general knowledge, yoga and moral science.

The Popularity Skyrocketed

Parents of children in the locality were impressed by this initiative, and the number of students joining the centre grew rapidly. Mr. Rathore who was earlier happy playing the role of teacher started accepting the responsibility of a mentor and by investing his hard earned money for this cause and hired nearly 100 teachers to educate them.

Mission to Educate & Provide Jobs

Students are trained in various skills for nearly one year and on successful completion provided with certificates. Many students who have undergone training have secured better jobs.  Student by name Navin Limbodiya is one classic instance who learned photo editing and is working for a road transport service department. Mr. Rathore makes it a point to create awareness among parents to admit their wards to schools. He even monitors the literacy initiatives taken to avoid school drop outs. Obviously, Mr. Rathore’s higher ups at Police Department are overwhelmed by his philanthropic activities and are proud of their colleague.

Kalam Fan Club is pleased to feature this post depicting human side of police officers like Sanjay Rathore, who along with maintaining law and order exhibit social concern to educate children, so that crime rate in the society automatically dwindles.

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