Sanjukta Parashar – The Female IPS Officer Has Killed 16 and Arrested 64 Terrorists in 15 Months

India which was the richest country in the world was looted by foreigners and later they were successful in dividing the masses based on their religion and also on their economic well-being. People started envying the rich class and there were much anger and hatred against the poor section of the society by the rich class. This gave rise to against each other and people in power cashed in on this to further divide the sections of the society. Hence there arose a section of the population who vowed to fight against the rich and also against those in power giving rise to people whom we call as militants and Naxalites. These two groups have been creating enough violence to disturb harmony in common man’s life.

In the times when the government of the day both at the centre and the state is making serious attempts to bring the militants and the Naxalites to the mainstream by providing them with an opportunity to lead a normal life, Sanjuktha Parashar, popularly known as the Iron Lady of Assam is grabbing the headlines for her incredible acts of bravery. In the last 15 months, Sanjuktha Parashar, the first female to be appointed as IPS officer of Assam has arrested over 60 militants creating a sense of fear among the militants and setting high standards for her fellow colleagues to follow.

Sanjuktha completed her early education in Assam and then went on to get a Political Science degree from Indraprastha University. Later on, she completed Ph.D. from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi. Besides academics, Sanjuktha has a great interest in sports and has won several awards since childhood.

Though Sanjuktha had an extraordinary childhood achieving success in all her endeavors she was extremely worried about the growing corruption and terror in Assam and hence she decided in her childhood that she would one day serve the state and put all her efforts to eradicate this menace from her state. Though she had secured a good rank in the UPSC examination she decided to stay back in Assam and serve the people of the state. Her first posting was at Makum in 2008 and soon she was transferred to Udalguri to curb the growing communal violence between the Bodo militants and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Till now she has eliminated nearly 16 militants and put 64 militants behind bars.

Though she is a mother of a four-year-old kid, she doesn’t think twice when it comes to fighting the militants, this bravery of hers was on display recently when she jumped into the field to fight the militants with an AK47 rifle in her hand. Sanjuktha has been hailed by the people of the state and the government for her Anti-Bodo Militant Operations.

Yes, many of us might have already formed an image of Sanjuktha as the one who has a tough attitude and a heart of steel. But, that’s just one side of her personality. The other side reveals the true nature of Sanjuktha. This IPS officer from Assam takes time out from her busy schedule to visit distressed people who have lost everything from family to house in militant attacks. Sanjuktha’s dedication to her work can be understood from the fact that she spends time with her husband only once in two months.

The determination, dedication, and courage displayed by Sanjuktha Parashar in fighting the militants and her efforts to bring an end to the terrorism and corruption in the state are respectworthy and exemplary. Do share this article as a tribute to the Iron Lady of Assam and also to inspire others to take up career choices which can help make this country a better place.


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