Shorya Mahanot – India’s ‘child Picasso’ is World’s Youngest Abstract Artist

“Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso


Shorya Mahanot is one perfect living example of what Picasso remarked about children. A ‘wunderkind,’ like Picasso and Wang Ximeng who were also involved in the artistic pursuits from early childhood, Shorya Mahanot is an exceptional child Maestro. Started painting from the age of 4, Shorya is known as one of the youngest to pick up the brush.

Early Life

Born in 2006 to a well-off family, Shorya Mahanot hails from Neemuch, a town in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that Shorya’s first stimulus was his sisters. He used to paint with them since very early age. But, while his sisters were involved in figurative pictures, Shorya found his peculiar interest in abstract art, which led him to be one of the most famous youngest artists.

Shorya was encouraged by his father, Aditya Singh, who was once too interested in fine arts. Noticing the marvel in the works of the gifted child, Shorya’s acrylic illustrations were uploaded on Facebook and were liked by many. Seeing the appraisal of Shorya’s creations on the social media, his father made his mind to let his child exposed to the art world. Soon, Aditya Singh managed to book the Taj Hotel, Mumbai, for the exhibition of Shorya’s artworks, which turned out to be a successful event making Shorya an art sensation.

Reception in the Art World  

Now just in his 10, Shorya Mahanot has been getting attention from the art world. Shorya has received much acclaim for his artworks since he debuted at Artexpo New York in 2013. Also, more than 20 of Shorya’s works are displayed at Bougain Villaea Gallery in Udaipur, India, each one them being sold for thousands of dollars. Moreover, his paintings were shown in SPECTRUM Miami, in 2013, where one of his paintings was sold in $ 3,500.


In January 2015, Shorya was selected as a featured artist in the Holtzman Gallery, which is said to be the world’s largest fine art gallery. For an artist of 9 to be displayed on such esteemed platform alongside the likes of Lennon and Quinn is a huge leap. His latest creation was sold in some five thousand dollars at the same arcade.


Ever since the Taj Hotel exhibition, Shorya Mahanot is getting worldwide recognition for his talent. His story is covered by many national and international media houses like The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Times of India, IBN Live, CNN, NDTV Live, etc. The late cartoonist R. K. Laxman too showed his interest in Shorya, and also proposed for a collaborative exhibition with him.


In 2012, the POGO Television presented Shorya the “Amazing Kid Award.” Mahanot also featured in a commercial for Turner Broadcasting that highlights his artistic talents. The following year he won the ‘Rising Artist’ award at SPECTRUM, Miami.


Painting style

Influenced mainly by the works of Jackson Pollock, the great abstract artist of the last century, Shorya works in acrylics. Like his master Pollock, he spreads his canvas on the floor and embarks on creating with calculated strokes in various layers while weighing the color composition and the balance between his brushstrokes, dripping and pouring. Passionate about colors, Shorya has mastery over their use, and his technique is again comparable to that of Pollock’s famous ‘drip painting.’ Though each of his works takes some 4-5 days, Shorya is mainly an inspired genius rather and paints when his imagination is calling up.

Apart from his artistic feats, Shorya also does philanthropy works like auctioning some of his works for various children’s charities.



Addressing ideas and emotions of the deepest level, Shorya Mahanot continues to astonish people’s minds world over with his masterful expressionist paintings. With a signature style of his own, this little boy has earned a name for himself. Still focused and passionate in fine arts, Shorya is evolving his creative process and methods, experimenting with colors, techniques, and size. This child prodigy has everything in him to be one the greatest artist from India and to take his position among the likes of Pollock and other eminent abstractionists.


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