Shrikant Pantawane – A Journey From Being an Auto driver to Becoming A Pilot

We often hear from school kids expressing their wish to become a Bus driver, Truck Driver, Rickshaw Driver, Tractor Driver and Airplane driver (pilot). They find all kinds of driving exciting and adventurous. As they grow up, parents persuade them to aim at white collar careers. But here is a story of an auto rickshaw driver who used to work as a delivery boy also to make a livelihood. With shrewd determination and hard work he realized the dream of driving another three wheeled vehicles but with wings called Airplane.

This inspiring story is about Mr. Shrikant Pantawane, currently a pilot with Indigo commercial aircraft. Who was born in Nagpur as the son of a security guard completed his 12th class and worked as delivery boy and auto driver to support his family’s livelihood?



The Inside Story of Transformation

As mentioned above, Shrikant was happy driving three-wheeled auto rickshaw until one destined day he drove to Airport to deliver some goods. Outside the airport, he could witness crew of pilots enjoying their break. Having seen them casually, Shrikant enquired a tea-shop vendor about the ways to become a pilot. Someone near the shop guided Shrikant about a Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA pilot scholarship program aiming at 12th standard passed candidates.

Shrikant was at home, and within a wink of eye lids, he was in the flying school of Madhya Pradesh that offered this scholarship program. He took up all the assignments studiously and came up with flying colors. One more bottleneck for Shrikant was English fluency. With help from friends and hard work, with determination and perseverance, he learned fluent English too.

Finally, Shrikant could secure Commerical Pilot Licence (CPL). But his dream of flying a plane didn’t get cherished immediately due to sluggish aviation market and industry reeling under recession. Temporarily he had to manage with a corporate executive job. His dreams to soar the skies finally arrived with Indigo Cargo Flights recruiting him as first officer or co-pilot. Today Shrikant Pantawane has donned the uniform of pilot instead of auto driver’s uniform and drove a three wheeler with wings. The story is so inspiring that even Indigo Aircraft has shared this story on the micro blogging site.

Friends, Opportunity knocks at doors of every human being only thing is we should be ready to grab it isn’t it?


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