Shubham Jaglan – An 13-Year-Old Village Boy is India’s Next Golf Prodigy

“I didn’t miss the putt; I made the putt the ball missed the hole.”

Golf is definitely not adrenaline pumping game like football or shorter version of cricket. Also golfing in India is considered to be elite class hobby game and not everyone is allowed inside golf clubs which are usually located next to affluent class star hotel premises. In such context, a 13-year rural boy—Shubham Jaglan whose father was a milkman by profession couldn’t have even imagined in dreams of becoming an amateur world champion in golf. Thanks to an NRI who started Golf Club in his remote village (though for a start stint), his grandfather, father and Delhi Golf Foundation that funded him with 2 Lakhs rupees for his practice needs. Moreover, this boy can be considered as ‘Ekalyava of Golf’, who learned the fundamentals of the game from Youtube videos. This post of Kalam Fan Club deciphers the exciting journey of this boy in becoming a World Champion.


The Sowing of Golfing Seed

Shubham Jaglan was born on 16 August 2004 at a Village called Israna, in Panipat district, of Haryana. His father Jagpal was a milkman by profession, and his entire family had a wrestling background. While taking up wrestling was like fish taking into the water for his family, His grandfather admitted him to a Golf academy started by an NRI Kapur Singh in his own village. Though the NRI was keen on promoting the game in this rural part of India, the apathy of the majority of villagers in admitting their wards to Golfing resulted in the shutdown of the club.

But, by then Shubham’s flair for the game had come to the notice of Kapur Singh, and he insisted his father to encourage and nurture his talent by admitting to Karnal Golf Club. It was really challenging for his father Jagpal to arrange for his practice. He took an innovative method by transforming mustard field in their backyard into a green field with three holes—thus a Golf Club came into play in the remote place of Israna! The next challenge was how to bring in mentors/coach to this remotest place who obviously resides in posh localities of cities. Jagpal bought a computer for his son with an Internet connection, and YouTube videos became the mentor for this boy. It is amazing to know that Shubham was just five years old then.


The Consolidation Phase

Shubham learned fundamentals from Youtube videos and practiced in his backyard. But definitely, he needed match practice too. His father dedicated his entire time to take this boy to Karnal Golf club and also to Delhi Golf Club. Thus Shubham started acclimatizing with talented players in the area. It was during his visit to Delhi Golf Club, Amit Luthra, Founder of Golf Foundation came to know about this boys talent from his father. Shubham’s father approached Amit requesting him to direct the authorities to reinstate a tournament designed for below 8-year-old children. Authorities had debarred this format citing the reason these kids are not serious about practice and would simply spoil the greenery by taking frequent milk and snack breaks.

Amit Luthra directed the chief mentors to find out the talent of this boy and when he got positive feedback. The Golf foundation decided to fund this boy with 2 Lakh rupees per year for practice needs. This gesture boosted the morality of his father, and Shubham’s family relocated to Delhi to provide him professional training. Thus Shubham could better schooling and professional golf training at country’s capital.

The Winning Spree

Here are list of the prominent amateur golf tournaments won by Shubham

2013: World Masters of Junior Golf championship
2015: Junior World Golf Championships
2016: European Junior Championship
2017: West Bengal Junior Boys Golf Championship 2017

Apart from these victories he has won over 100 domestic and international tournaments

Jaglan has won over 100 domestic and international tournaments. Among these championship victories, Shubham Cherishes his World Masters Junior championship victory the most as it was his first ever experience of winning an international fixture. When asked about his future plans Shubham speaks with crystal clarity that his love for the game for is uncompromising and along with his practice he wants to complete college studies. Apart from these victories, Shubham has been rewarded with recognition from various organizations. Like “NDTV – Emerging Player” and “Margdarshan” awards.

Like any sports star, Shubham has his own role models in the golf arena like Severino Ballesteros and Gary Player. He also frankly tells that he doesn’t want to follow Tiger Woods and wants to break Jack Nicklaus records.

This prodigy needs appreciation from all of us and Kalam Fan Club hopes he will fulfill the dreams of millions of sports fans of this nation in coming years.

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