Sinchan Das – An Inspiring Personality of The World of Health Science and Traditional Indian Classical Music

From the ancient period, India has become the epicenter of the art, culture & science. The number “zero” was invented by Aryabhatt. Thousands of students from nearly all countries of the world came to India to attain knowledge as India was the only place where education was given away, as we had the world’s first university- Takshasheela Vishwavidyalay. Like this, for many theories and subjects, the world is indebted to India. But sometimes in the middle era, the country failed to keep its position. A famous Indian patriotic poet D.L.Roy said that he is sure that his country will gain its number one position again. And now in these days, this young boy is that particular person on whose hands India can give her flambeau.

Dr. Sinchan Das, son of Mr.  Harendranath Das & Dr. Susmita Das, is a 26 years old all-rounder personality of India, to whom all the countrymen have focused on moving further. He is unitedly a famous Indian Classical Vocalist, a homeopathic doctor, a music therapist and a health scientist. Dr. Das was born in Kolkata to a Statistician father and a botanist mother. From his birth, he was different from any other boys or girls of his age. From the day of completing his Higher Secondary Examination, he set his pinpoint destination that he has to do something which is not done by anyone.

As a Health Scientist

He completed his BHMS, in 2014 at one of India’s heritage institution Pratap Chandra Memorial Homeopathic Hospital & College. He had scored record marks in many national level competitive programs, like D.N.B.M.E.F., D.A.A.M.E.P., etc. and received many awards and certificates from all over the world. Since the completion of his Bachelors, he is successfully doing his research on different aspects of health science like Genetic Cause of diseases, pathogenesis and modus operandi of homeopathic medications. He had explained the mystery of this over-growing disease pillars scientifically. According to Dr. Das “Diseases are the manifestations encoded within the gene, so diseases must be considered as a whole, not by mere laboratory findings. It is not the point of discussion that which medicinal system should be followed, rather the point is how to reduce these disease pillars, and for that purpose consideration of a person as a whole from their genetic history is the only way through which we can reach this goal surely.” He also became the youngest candidate to win the trophy and became “world champion” in the world championship of health sciences held in Macedonia on 2017.

As a vocalist

He is a well-known traditional Indian Classical Vocalist. He started learning music at the age of 3 under the guidance of his mother. Then at the age of 5, he came to the Kaushik Bhattacharya to take taalim in the Indian Classical music for a span of 9 years after which he came under the valuable guidance of vocal maestro Pt. Samaresh Chawdhury for intensive taalim. Along with this taalim, he learned Sarode, a classical instrument, under the guidance of maestro of Maihar Gharana Pt. Kamal Mallick. He then introduced an instrumental style ‘Taantrikari’ which was welcomed by the audience warmly and created a new era in Indian Classical Music. His Tantrikari has become famous and admirable to many well-known artists, these qualities proves that he is such a multidimensional personality.

He has also expressed himself as a music therapist, by working on, how the music and ragas work in the illness of people, and this has distinguished to the world in a proper manner. Dr. Das has shown us that medicine can be connected with the tune because physical disturbances are linked with the mental irregularities. So to treat a physical manifestation we have to give emphasis on the mental state of the particular patient, also the even tune has the power to correct the Genetic phenomenon of a particular person.

As a physician

Now, besides research, he has engaged himself in lots of social works where he gives free treatment to needy people in the villages of West Bengal. He is often termed as a Messiah for villagers. He frequently visits villages and gives free medical services to the poor and needy, not only as a doctor but also as a family member. He is said to have saved hundreds of people nationwide.

Article submitted by Dr. Barun Kulkarni


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