Story Of A Sex Worker Falling In Love With A Disabled Man Is Teaching Internet ‘Acceptance’

Life is all about loving oneself and one another! Those who have love have everything in life. The best part about love is people start accepting one another unconditionally embracing their present and their past too. For those who are truly in love with one, another nothing else matters except making sure the other person experience the best of happiness in the world.

This love story is a bigger blockbuster than any of the movies ever played on screen but only that this love story is for real! There is so much being written, said and filmed on love but nothing can beat this love story between a prostitute and a disabled beggar. I am sure you will have tears of happiness after reading this story between two pure souls.

This amazing love story shared by GMB Akash is about a woman who used to work as a prostitute falling in love with a beggar and living happily ever after. The lady looking back on life with a heavy heart shares the darkest days of her life and back comes the beautiful smile when she recollects the day she met her love and how her life which was dark earlier has been filled with light all over!

She starts her narration by saying that its hard for a prostitute to fall in love all over again. Ever since she has gained an understanding of life she has been used by several people to fulfill their personal needs and let her soul suffer in grief. She shares that she has no idea who her parents are or on which day she was born on even which year she was born.

Though in this dark life of hers she had a loving daughter who never failed to bring a smile on her face but due to fear of rejection and prejudice she never shared her profession with her daughter. The only time she was happy was when her daughter would hug her bidding her a goodbye before she left for a work which she hated the most. She tried hard to escape from the clutches of prostitution, she wanted to run far far away from the people running the business and start her life all over again but none came forward to help her come out of this mess. One night she decided enough is enough and that night instead of going to her room where people used her, as it was raining heavily she sat underneath a tree and cried, cried hard. Her cry changed to scream within no time and as she was screaming all her feelings out she heard the crack of a wheelchair. Looking at the person she understood he was a beggar and dismissed him by saying, I don’t have any money to pay you, go away. To her surprise, the beggar instead of going away came near her and handed over Rs. 50 to her.

Keeping the money in her hand the beggar left the place, as he was moving away from her, for the first time in her life she wanted him to stay. Though she couldn’t express her wish to stop him she kept that Rs 50 note with love.

She kept searching for him from place to place but in vain. She did not give up as she knew he was the one with whom she wanted to live forever. At last, after many days of searching, she found him sitting under a tree. She came to understand that his wife had left him owing to his disability. That day keeping all her reservations aside she expressed her love to him and told him she would want to push that wheelchair of his, forever. He too promised her that come whatever may he would never let her cry once again in her life.

Today the couple has been married for four years and there’s never been a day when she had to spend it in grief. Yes, there have been days when they had to sleep half hungry or even without having food but there has never been a day when they have not expressed love to each other. Over the four years, she has never been tired pushing his wheelchair and he has kept his promise of loving her unconditionally and making sure that she doesn’t shed a tear.

This story does give us love goals and teaches us how we can be in love with one another even if we do not own the luxuries of life because love is the biggest luxury of life. If one has a loved person by the side they would need nothing else to be happy in life. Do share this amazing story with your friends and family to spread love everywhere!



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