Sujata Burla – From Paralysis to Professional Investor Who Does 3 Crore Rupees Turnover Monthly

“Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it.”— Peter Lynch, an American Investor, and Philanthropist’s quote invite every one of us to try our hands at stock trading. But here is an inspiring story of a lady- Sujata Burla, who was left paralyzed by spinal cord damage caused due to a road accident and inevitably due to wheel chair ridden life took up stock market trading. Currently, she manages to earn 2 – 2.5 lakh rupees per month with amazing earnings of 6 lakh rupees on a single day in September 2007 once.  Today Sujata Burla is not only known for her strong will power with which could withstand the terrible blow on her in form of a road accident and the knack with which she became a successful stock trading expert. She also has a philanthropic mindset that has taken her a long way on her wheel chair to start an NGO to boost up the morale of Spinal Cord injured citizens and also her guts to motivate thousands of people interested in learning the intricacies of stock trading with her training center.

Friends, let us delve into this inspiring post on Sujata Burla that has a definite takeaway for every human being reading it:


Sujata as a Young Photographer

Sujata was born in a small village called Berampalli in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. She was a girl bubbling with energy to achieve something in the creative field and had taken up Photography as a profession with rigorous passion. At the early age of 18, she had started exhibiting signs of becoming a great photographer. If the destiny didn’t have other thoughts probably Sujata would have been one of the acclaimed photographers of the Nation, and probably Kalam Fan Club would have also not noticed her as an unsung hero or incredible human being. Her road trip to the temple town of Shirdi changed her destiny altogether.

Met with a Dreadful Car Accident

It was on June 09th, 2001, Sujata who was on a pilgrimage tour to Shirdi with her friends and her car met with an accident that left her paralytic for entire life with a spinal cord injury and was only 21 years old when this terrible blow struck. She had to bear the unbearable trauma of being symbiotic on others. Even doctors expressed their helplessness in making her fit to walk on her own and wheel chair became her permanent companion. It was during these painful days Sujata also learned the difference between real friends and fake ones.

Short Stint as Textile Entrepreneur

Sujata had to give up photography, the bread winner and soul soother of her life. But life should go on she started exploring avenues to earn from being at home. She got associated with her sister who was a fashion designer. Learnt in and out of the trade and started her textile business. But unfortunately, her inability to walk and monitor the employees incurred a loss in business.  Her friends advised her to invest in the stock market as she could trade with her laptop from the comfort of home. She took the advice seriously and started trading from Hyderabad Stock market. Though initially, she faced problems handling the laptop she maneuvered and developed expertise.

Growth as a stock Trader

Trading stocks gave her the financial independence. She says she had only invested 15 Lakhs in the stock market and has grown up to make a turnover of nearly 3 crores per month. She recalls that initially she used to trade with big company stocks only and after learning the nitty-gritty of trade started exploring other players too. Most amazing fact is on September, 9th 2007, Nifty was at 186 points, Sujata managed to make a strong 6,00000 Rupees on one single day. Today she has been able to manage earnings of 2-2.5 Lakh rupees per month. But unlike many of us, Sujata didn’t get contented with mere financial stability stock trading give her. She eagerly waited for an opportunity to share her lifetime experience with all other disabled citizens of the nation. Thus started her NGO called “Shraddha.”

The activities at Shraddha

Sujata started giving pep talk and counselling sessions to all those who are affected by spinal cord injury. She even delivered a motivational speech to an elite panel of NASA and ISRO scientists as part of a session held at Administrative Staff College of India. Slowly but steadily she gained the aura of an anchor with a TV show called “Close Encounter with Suzy.”

Awards & Recognitions

  • Naveena Neti Mahila Award from TV9
  • Young Women Achiever Award from Times Foundation
  • Cavinkare Mastery Award
  • Batra’s Health Award
  • Bharatha Muni Award

Kalam Fan club is proud to feature this post on Sujata Burla, and we wish she will reach the pinnacle of success in her future endeavours.


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