Swapnil Talukdar – His Laziness Led to Invention of Page Turning Machine for Physically Challenged

Though we often claim that ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions,’ not all innovations happen due to absolute necessity, some of them happen from lazy minds which prefer to find an alternate way of getting things done.

In the year 2012, Swapnil Talukdar was an XI standard student from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, in City of Guwahati, Assam. One evening he was completely exhausted on returning from tuitions and had no energy to flip his books and to complete his homework. An idea flashed in his mind to create a ‘Page-flipping/turning machine’— so that automatically book pages can be flipped. Initially, he created a prototype that operates with electrical power. His invention soon became a household name in Assam, and further, he made it manually operated with the help of lower limbs (legs) titled as ‘Foot operated Page Turning Machine.’ Thus the need for electricity was eliminated. Also, the machine proved to be useful for physically challenged people with broken upper limbs.

Though Swapnil started working on his innovation in class XI, his work received the much-needed appreciation in the year 2014, when the same project was selected for IGNITE-Award 2014 and was felicitated by our former president Dr. A. P.J Abdul Kalam at IIM-A. Later he started pursuing Engineering at Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management at Azara, Assam. His idea again got shortlisted for Innovation Scholars Residential programme of Rashtrapati Bhavan (the year 2016). In this prestigious event, Swapnil along with seven other grass-root innovators selected from across the nation presented their idea. This ‘Innovation Scholars residence programme’ is the brainchild of our President Pranab Mukherjee to identify and encourage young innovators, artists and writers of Nation.

As Swapnil has shared with the newspaper -‘The Telegraph’, One week stay at Rashtrapathi Bhavan gave him necessary inputs to improvise his idea and market the same. He was able to interact with various technical institutions and experts to fine-tune the product. He also emphasizes that his product can turn pages of any type of books – magazines, textbooks or novels without any hassles.

Swapnil in press meet has also shared his interests and hobbies. He is a Foodie, Loves traveling to scenic places, likes dancing, watches a lot of science programs on television and has a vast collection of stamps. In future, He loves to teach out-of-box thinking amongst youngsters.

He has taken part in Global Initiatives Symposium at National Taiwan University. Also, he is a member of NASA Rover Summer Camp at ISEI, Germany, worked on many NASA projects, and also worked as a delegate to Harvard US-India Initiative.  He is a founder of GrInnovare- A startup to educate youths to take up entrepreneurship and build self-confidence. Currently, he is the brand ambassador for NE-8 (North East) Start-ups. He is co-founder and Director of a company called FinderBridge.




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