The World’s First Water Park For People With Disabilities Has Just Opened, And It’s The Best Thing Ever

“Life is too short and sweet to be sitting on the shore when you can be playing with water” is an online quote that invites every human to explore and play joyfully in water. With such a theme World’s first ever water park ‘Wet & Wild’ was started in Florida, the US by George Millay in 1977. George Millay is renowned as “Father of Water Park” across the world. This Water Park was closed down on December 31, 2016, with the intention of starting a new one.

All of us would have definitely played in one or the other water park at some point in time in our life. But here is a Water Park incepted by Gordon Hartman for the people with disabilities called Morgan’s Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, USA and is undoubtedly the world’s first Waterpark for people with disabilities. With this Gordon Hartman can be termed as “Father of Water Park for differently able.” Thus proving the US is a pioneer in addressing entertainment needs of all sections of society.

The challenge for Gordon Hartman was not easier one when he envisioned a Water Park for disable people. As we know Water Parks across the globe are notoriously inaccessible for the disabled. Hartman’s task of providing safe, comfortable and easily accessible play area for disabled was a tough ask. But inspired by his daughter Morgan’s disability he took up this challenge so that disabled children will not be deprived of the joy of playing water games.

He has put in a collective effort by taking into inputs from doctors, parents, teachers, special need therapists and caregivers so that even minute aspect of this water park is conceptualized and built by addressing the needs of disabled children. Here we have highlights of Morgan Inspiration Island that wholeheartedly welcomes people with a variety of disabilities to play and make merry in water.

  • Park offers traceable bracelets for parents to locate their children at any part of the park
  • Provides PneuChairs- which are wheelchairs that are waterproof and air-powered
  • Every location in the park is accessible through wheelchairs
  • Children with special needs are allowed free of cost
  • Both Cognitive and Physical special needs children can safely play and splash in exclusive play area designed for them
  • Water temperature can be controlled so that children sensitive to cold water can play without hesitation

The primary motive of this water park can be defined in Gordon Hartman’s own words which goes like this “Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment,”

Further, e adds that this park is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion.

Finally Kalam Fan Club hopes in India where many theme parks are already in place viz.

  • Water Kingdom, Mumbai
  • Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai – Pune
  • Wonder La, Bangalore.
  • Wonder la, Cochin
  • World of Wonder (WoW), Noida
  • Oysters, Gurgaon (Appughar)
  • GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore
  • Queensland, Chennai

Someone will take the initiative to create an amusement park that delivers to the Divyang children of the nation.

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