These Brothers With Rare Disease Never Leave Home Out of Fear of Being Mocked

Ramesh and Laxman’s life is confined to the four walls where they were born. The brothers who are suffering from a genetic disorder and are aging prematurely are forced to stay at home because of two reasons; their low immune system and fear of being ridiculed by the society. Think of this for a moment; you will have to spend the rest of your life in the room that you are in right now! Yes, it feels scary, isn’t it? Now think how the brothers might be feeling as they are confined to their homes with no mistakes of their own. They are also young, they also want to enjoy life by playing with friends, they also want to go to school and dream of a better future, they also want the world to recognize their talent but they cannot do it as the world out there awaits with baited breath to kill their confidence, forcing them to stay at home.

Ramesh and Laxman Jadhav who are 8 and 13 years old respectively suffer from a rare genetic disorder which renders them with high cholesterol, blood pressure, and arthritis. Born to Savita and Ankush Jhadav, are plagued by an undiagnosed and unknown condition, which as of yet have no medical treatment as the doctors have a divided opinion on what kind of disease are the brothers are suffering from. The disease is so deadly that the brothers are suffering from dental problems and have no teeth at all. Due to this condition, the brothers are on a liquid diet from a very long time.

The brothers have been tested for the disease by several doctors not only from India but also from Germany and USA, but the well-qualified doctors are unable to find the cause for quick aging. The doctors are hesitating from starting the treatment because if the wrong treatment is given to the brothers, their condition may worsen. Dr. Ayush Gupta, assistant professor at DY Patil Hospital, Pune is looking after the brothers and is doing everything he can to help the brothers come out of the deadly disease. When the disease was referred to the Progeria Research Foundation in the USA, the foundation concluded that it was not progeria. However, some of the doctors who have looked at the brother’s condition believe that it is a condition which is similar to genetic progeroid.

Even though the brothers are suffering from the deadly disease, the brothers aspire to be a doctor in future. Ramesh and Laxman want to go to school to study to become doctors, and they had also tried once to go to school but were hurt mentally and physically, and this is the reason why their mother is scared of sending them out of her home.

In an interview with MailOnline their mother Savita poured her heart out explaining to the anchor what she has gone through in her life. “We know they are aging fast and could die anytime. We have spent every penny we have on trying to help them, but no one has come forward with any answers. We do not expect any miracles, but we do want someone to make life comfortable for them.” She also added that her kids “survive on a liquid diet or mushy rice. And they often tell me they’re in pain. I see parents with their normal kids, and then I see my children. I feel so bad to see them suffering like this but what can I do? I am helpless.”

Savita Jhadav who lost her elder son Ganesh to an accident in 2007 is scared that she will have to go through the pain once again and she is not ready to experience the pain once again. She told MailOnline, “I often wonder if any other mother suffers like me. I had three children; one died, and two suffer from a life-threatening disease. I can’t explain the torture I feel inside. I work to try and keep my two children well, all I do is for them.”

Despite the brothers suffering from such a grave condition they always have a smile on their face. They are happy with whatever little they have and have never complained about the turn of events in their life. They have never asked the God – Why us? Rather they still believe they will be fine one day and will lead a normal life just like others.

We at Abdul Kalam Fan Club sincerely hope that doctors find out the disease they are suffering from and provide them with the best treatment that will help them lead a normal life just like others. Do pray for the boys; there’s so much power in prayer.



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