This Dashing IPS Officer From Madhya Pradesh is Stealing More Hearts Than Bollywood Stars

Indians are much attracted to physique and looks! We admire celebrities for their color and their amazingly toned body. These celebrities become the role models for the common man because they have the amazing ability to charm people around them using their looks and also their well-built body. There are a few men in the police force too who inspire people by their way of leading life and also by their tough attitude towards life. While a few of them having amazingly great physique some others have a great attitude towards life. This IPS officer from Madhya Pradesh has not only got a great physique and an amazing attitude but also looks that would give Bollywood celebrities a run for their money.

Sachin Atulkar was born in Bhagalpur in the year 1985. His father is a retired Indian Forest Services officer and his brother is serving in the Indian Army. Yes, this Atulkar family has dedicated their lives in serving this great nation. Atulkar family by serving the nation has inspired thousands of youngsters and their families to come forward and do something for the society. Mr. Sachin who is famous for his well-built body and charming looks cracked UPSC examination which is deemed to be one of the toughest exams in the world in his very first attempt. It would be interesting for you to note that he was just 22 years old when he cracked the exam where people try for years to crack this toughest exam.

That’s not all, Sachin Atulkar is a sports fanatic and has won a national level gold medal in cricket and horse-riding which happens to be his favorite sports. Sachin says that working out helps him remain stress-free and keeps his mind refreshed. Sachin not only promotes sports and gymming but also yoga. He urges people to make Yoga a part of their life to gain immense control over their feelings.

At a time when through social media people are making memes on police officers, commenting on the shape of their body and posting pictures of men in the force who are unfit and do not meet the required criteria to be a police officer, Sachin brings a light of hope in the police force. It’s due to officers like Sachin that people yet haven’t lost faith in the system and still believe that all is not lost. The fact that Sachin is good looking too makes much more get attracted to the services and follow the police force with much more fanfare and enthusiasm.

Sachin Atulkar interacts regularly with his fans from across the world on social media sites and his every post attracts thousands of likes and shares from his followers. Recently, he had shared a personal message in which he urged the people not to give importance to how good looking a person is, rather give importance to the way he lives his life and instead of searching for beautiful individuals, he said Indians should all come together and strive to make a beautiful nation. These words of wisdom from him not only garnered likes and shares from his followers but also gave an insight into how great an individual this super cop is. We salute this IPS Officer who is striving hard to bring a positive change in the lives of every citizen of the country.

Do share this article with your friends to prove to them that not everyone serving in the force is corrupt and not everyone joins the services with evil intentions. There are officers like Sachin Atulkar who join the system to bring a positive change and inspire thousands to take the right path in life.

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