This Man Woke Up To A Strange Noise, Then He Saw This On His Porch

Waking up to the most unexpected event ever witnessed will not occur in everyone’s routine. Seeing Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) above your house or having a glimpse of wild animal like Lion or Tiger in your city streets is definitely unusual stuff. Here is an experience of Alaska citizen Tim Newton who happened to view Lynx (a wild cat species) along with her 7 kits playing joyfully in the sit out/deck protruding from his room. Without missing this golden opportunity Tim has captured amazing pictures of this wildcat playing with its kid all round their deck and yard.

Here are some interesting facts about Lynx and its varied species:

  • There are four species of Lynx identified viz. Eurasian lynx, Canada lynx and Iberian lynx that have evolved from Issoire Lynx of Europe and Africa.
  • Among the four species, the Eurasian lynx is the largest in size and it has originated from European, Central Asian, and Siberian forests and it is a strict carnivore.
  • Interestingly like human beings, Eurasian lynx wears different body coats in winter and summer! In summer it has a short, reddish or brown coat whereas in winter creates much thicker silver-grey to greyish-brown coat around its body.
  • Canada lynx is a North American cat found in forests across Canada and into Alaska and some parts of the northern United States.
  • Canada lynx is a good climber and swimmer
  • The Iberian lynx is considered an endangered species and is native to the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe

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