This Mother Was Horrified When She Saw Her Son’s Head After A Daycare

Day-care schools have become common not only in developed countries but also developing countries. But will these Day-care schools deliver what they propagate and advertise in their promotional campaigns? is a big question to be asked. Here are two tragic incidences that have happened in a so-called civilized upmarket society of west that triggers every working parent couple to ponder a lot before living their kids in Day-care centers.


A family at Montana states of USA have a daughter by name Eliana and both the parents being busy throughout the day had resorted to the option of leaving their daughter in a Day-Care like any other working parents. But one-day parents get a call from Day-Care center telling their daughter is bitten by another kid. Though the parents rushed to the center they were initially of the impression that their kid would have got one single bite by other kid which is normal amongst the group of kids playing. But to it was heartbreaking to the parents of Eliana as she had more than 10 bite marks and they demanded the video footage only to discover that Eliana was continuously bitten by other kid and the staff of the center had come to the rescue very late and multiple injuries had already occurred.This incidence creates havoc in every parent’s mind and a big question mark on so-called caring centers. The parents after getting the first aid for the kid faced trauma that can’t be put in words and through local investigation, officers initiated an inquiry on Day-care center authorities parents belief about daycare centers is completely shattered.


Parent Camella Jackson was completely unaware of what had happened to one-year-old son Hunter when she picked him up from the day-care center as usual. But while taking him back home she could make out something was wrong with his head. She could find a big knot on his head. Definitely, he had met with some sort of injury at the day-care center Sunshine House and most tragic part is no one in the center took up the responsibility to inform the same to his mother. But when taken to Doctor she was shaken as the kid had received Skull-Fracture.

Jackson has said to media that she was kept in dark until Hunter’s injury was noticed by herself which is a blunder on the part of day-care center authorities.

Kalam Fan Club appeals to all parents across the globe to take these two incidences as an eye opener in evaluating such day care centers thoroughly before leaving their small kids in their custody.

Mother Camella Jackson is quoted here:

“They didn’t call me. They didn’t even have an accident report filled out,”

“I was in tears on the way to the hospital and when the doctors told me that his skull was fractured I had broken down. I was very, very upset.”

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