This New Artificial Kidney Eliminates The Need For Kidney Dialysis

Kidney failure has been a major problem faced by the patients in the recent years and the pain they go through during this period cannot be described in words. There have been several cases over the years where people have lost their lives owing to kidney failure, some of which includes the big names in the world. The biggest headache for the doctors is not only to find a match but also to find a donor who is willing to donate his/her kidney to the patient. The National Kidney Foundation estimates that over 1 lakh patients are waiting for the kidney donors to help them and this list increases by over 3000 names every year.

It is sad to note that an average patient needs to wait for over 3.6 years for a kidney transplant. The patient has to go through dialysis during the period between kidney failure and kidney transplantation. The statistics reveal how deadly the problem actually is, it is seen that only one in three patients are able to survive past the 5-year mark without going through transplantation. Though the situation seems to be really dangerous for the patients to be in, all of it could change if the scientists are successful in developing world’s first artificial kidney kit.

The scientists are developing a bio-hybrid kidney which will make use of the living kidney cells along with specialized microchips which will take assistance from the human heart to filter out waste from the blood-stream. To help the patients go through transplantation without having to wait for the donor or to wait for a match William Fissell from Vanderbilt and Shuvo Roy have started the kidney project. These two scientists who are currently serving at the University of California, San Francisco say that the artificial kidney can put an end to the problem faced by people all over the world and this could turn out to be one of the important devices in the world.

Fissell explains that the artificial kidney is developed after a lot of thought and they have tried to emulate Mother Nature’s 60 million year’s research and development. He claims that the artificial kidney can easily distinguish between the waste chemicals and nutrients which are important to be supplied all over the body. He is of the opinion that the kidney developed in the research lab can be inserted into the human body through a simple surgery and they have also found out that the artificial device works efficiently once it has been inserted in the body.

The artificial kidney developed in the laboratory has 15 microchips stacked one after the other which acts as filters just like an original kidney. The device will have living renal cells which will in time grow around the device and mimic an original kidney. The team of engineers and scientists are currently working diligently to make sure the device will work just like a real kidney. They are also testing every part of the device to verify that the blood runs through the device without any hindrance.

The happy news is that everything is going according to plans so far and there has been no rejection too. Though the human trials are yet to be started, the research shows that this device really could bring a positive change in the lives of affected people. The device has given promising results in the early stage of research and it is hoped that one day this device could eliminate the need for dialysis among the patients. Do share this amazing news with your friends all over the world.



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