This Video Of The Baby Walking Immediately After Being Born Is Going Viral In Social Media

Normally a Newly born infant definitely does two things: Cry loudly and smile.

Usually, a baby learns to walk by the time it becomes 12 months old. Child psychologists have identified a list of traits developed by newborn infants in every three months of time until they become one year old. But a YouTube video uploaded by a person by name Arlete Arantes has gone viral in FaceBook and has got the attention of millions of netizens as it shows a newborn infant trying to walk as soon as it came to mother earth from mother’s womb.

According to psychologists in normal circumstances first 1 to 3 months baby start to

  • Smile and cry to herself. But by end of three months will be smiling in response to our smiles
  • Can raise head and chest when lying on tummy.
  • Bring hands to her mouth.
  • Can hold objects in fist

Next 4 to 6 Months

  • Develops the ability to Roll over from front to back or back to front.
  • Can make sounds that resemble a real language.
  • Can laugh loudly.
  • Can grab objects and fiddle with toys and other objects with hands.
  • Learn to sit with support

Next 7 to 9 Months

  • Learn to crawl.
  • Sit without support.
  • Can respond to familiar words like the name. may start pronouncing “Amma” and “Appa”
  • Learn to stand with support

10 to 12 Months

  • Move around the room on feet by holding onto the furniture.
  • Take first steps. This usually happens right around one year

Following YouTube, links have the video of an extraordinary baby that exhibited walking skills as soon as out of the mother womb:

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