Vikram Swain – The Journey From Earning Rs. 14 a Day to Training Bollywood Celebrities

“Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan” is the age-old saying attached to the financial capital of India Mumbai aka Bombay. It has given life to people migrating from all the directions of this subcontinent. But the only expectation from this city from its new entrants is— “It assures success to only those who are ready to go all the way to end, and to those who do not hesitate to have a start.”

While Bollywood itself has numerous success stories of people from less known parts of the nation making it big in this tinsel town success stories from other walks of life will definitely tend to infinite. This Abdul Kalam Fan Club Post has its spotlight on a young and energetic boy Vikram Swain from a  remote place called Antarigam in the eastern state of Odisha who has become first ever person from Naxalite prone region of Orissa to travel around the globe with celebrities like actor Tiger Shroff and the team as a dance and gymnastic trainer for ‘Young Turks of Bollywood’. Vikram Swain didn’t get overnight success but went through various hardships before luck favored him and got noticed by actor Tiger Shroff (Son of Bollywood star Jackie Shroff) and thus became part of a renowned crew of movie makers who are working relentlessly to master new forms of gymnastics and dance steps.

The Childhood Days in Orphanage

Orphans are those who do not have parents or guardians isn’t it? But Vikram Swain at the young age of 9 along with his 3-Year-old brother had to lead a life in an orphanage as his parents had disowned them. At age of 9, Vikram would work in a park to earn a monthly wage of Rs. 400 (Rs.14/- per day) with which he was able to feed his younger brother with milk and food.  As life progressed, Vikram migrated to Surat in Gujarat, learned embroidery and started working in the garment industry for a salary of Rs. 1300 per month. With this salary, he could somehow look after his sibling’s and his own needs. One fine day a well-wisher guided him to relocate to Mumbai for better prospects. So finally like millions of dreamers Vikram Swain too boarded the train to Bombay and landed there without a single paise in his pocket.

The Innings-2 at Mumbai

Vikram was literally clueless about what kind of work he will get in Mumbai city further he had language barrier too. To be precise it was in the year 2009 He started washing cars in South Mumbai on weekdays and it used to fetch him handsome pay. Slowly he got accustomed to the job and environment and made new friends too. One such friend was a driver by profession and he used to travel to Juhu Beach on Sundays for his weekend recreation. Vikram too had no washing routines on Sundays and he started accompanying his friend to Juhu beach. He got attracted to Gymnastics and started practicing with other youngsters in the beach. Literally, He jumped into Gymnastic field like a fish taking into the water. He was a fast learner too. The desire to work in gymnastic ring caught up like a wildfire within him and he became a regular visitor to Juhu and gymnastics practice.

The Turning Point Emerges 

One Sunday while Vikram was busy honing his gymnastic skills. Tiger Shroff was also present in Juhu beach and was practicing action tricks for his debut movie. Tiger noticed the energy and skills of Vikram and offered him a chance to join his crew to practice and also work as his personal trainer. Vikram’s luck had struck and he became a member of Tiger Shroff’s team. But he had his limitations as Language was a barrier. Tiger understood these limitations and helped him all ways to overcome the communication problem. He gave him accommodation in Andheri locality and provided him with phone and taught him using internet and YouTube to further sharpen his gymnastic skills. YouTube also helped Vikram to master one more art that is dancing. Today Vikram Swain is popular among debutant actors and actress for his dance training sessions. He has worked with new faces like Sooraj, Sayesha Sehgal (Dilip Kumar’s niece) and Athiya Shetty. He has worked with Ahmed Khan for movies like ‘Kick’, ‘Phantom’, ‘Hero’ and ‘All is Well’.

Unforgotten Roots

Vikram Swain has earned the reputation of first ever Naxalite affected tribal boy to visit abroad. He is thriving hard to educate his younger brother and has enrolled him in MBA programme. In addition, he is into social service and development activities in his native place thus proving to the world that he has not forgotten his roots.

Abdul Kalam Fan Club wishes this young and energetic boy to achieve more landmarks and become a role model to aspiring youngsters of this Nation flooded with youngsters with millions of dreams. Do share this post and spread the positive vibes that is much needed in this chaos filled media broadcasts.

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