What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 10 Though-Provoking Illustrations By Al Margen

“Contentment is the best wealth and Patience is the best character to possess,” said Indian saint Sharada Devi, who is also the wife of great Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Though we have come a long way from the days Sharada Devi lived and ours is an ultra-modern society with technology gripping and controlling our every act. The above quote carries more meaning for the current generation crowd and the same message is given by 10 mind blogging satirical illustrations of modern day illustrator from Argentina and we have compiled them with captions.

Scan these awesome illustrations of Al Margen who is from Buenos Aires Argentina compiled here for the readers to retrospect their lifestyle in so-called gadget and materialistic values-driven society. So let us stop blah blah on the magnificent works of Al Margen and dive into his artistic strokes. Don’t forget to give your viewpoints on these illustrations.

Socrates when he said that education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. But is our current Education System catering to this prime objective of Education? is a million dollar question. The above illustration ridicules our education system that is advocating rote learning over inculcating common sense and life skills. Do share your views on this picture.

The most devastating effect of the Internet and Social Media is tempting people to say “Look at me, look at me” and giving infinite space to have self-illustrations. The trend of clicking ‘Selfie’ has gone wild and even Prime ministers and Presidents of nations haven’t escaped from its magical clutches can a young beautiful girl escape from its grip? Definitely not!

Getting glued to TV Channels that too NEWS Channels has become an addiction and is heading towards maniac signs, In India alone, thousands of 24/7 News channels are popping up even at regional levels and have become opinion and judgment makers instead of plain News providers. The addictions to soaps, astrology shows are also growing like an epidemic this illustration aptly puts it across.

Joint Families are past phenomenon even in a country like India. Parents quarrel to satisfy their egos in front of their young children that is forcing these children to various addictions and psychological problems. Olden days uneducated parents were blamed for fighting in front of their wards but today so-called elite parents are indulging in the same act is a shameful trend.

A picture speaks thousand times better than words and this illustration clearly depicts the message “Smoking is Injurious to Health” in best possible manner. Don’t you agree?

Parents expect their children to be Virat Kohli, Vishwanathan Anand, P V Sindhu, Sundar Pichai, Shahrukh Khan, Manushi Chillar and all kinds of celebrities by using their small and single god given brain.  The attitude of parents forcing children to all kinds of extracurricular activities is curbing the natural childhood. Here is an illustration that best depicts the same.

Fashion and maintaining Zero Figure has become a trend among teenagers. They skip breakfast, lunch and dinner to stay ‘ZERO-SIZED’. Many girls have become anemic with this trend catching up in urban children. Fashion, Modelling, Films have become greatest career dreams for these lads and are spoiling their health. Can we get better Illustration than this we doubt? Hunger children in Somalia look healthier than these models!

We are with gadgets 24/7. Our existence without it is unimaginable. We have been virtually networked and this illustration sarcastically portrays our dependence on electronic gadgets.

Today becoming a social activist, environmentalist, and human rights activist has become a fashionable trend. People fighting for the cause of protecting river water use packaged water in their agitation sessions. People who portray as Animal protectors wear animal fur in their attire contradicting the very cause for which they stand or pretend to stand for. Is this illustration not the best possible way to mimic such people?

This picture can be interpreted in many ways. The most powerful person in this world is the one in possession of money and Women who get lured by money end up as preys to such male counterparts who are actually controlling success and comfort seekers in all careers.

Friends, we at Kalam fan Club invite healthy debate on the above illustrated social issues through your comments on the eve of New Year-2018

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