Woman’s Agonizing Headaches Were Caused By A Spider Living In Her Ear

A website called www.fearof.net lists around 100 types of phobia. And fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia and fear of cockroaches is called Katsaridaphobia. It is commonly observed that many women are Phobic to cockroaches and often children and men use this phobia to create havoc among women folk to have fun.

But what if an insect-like spider resides in your ears! It will create trauma that can manifest in various forms of health hazards. Here is a story of a lady by name Lakshmi in the state of Karnataka, India who was facing severe headache and when painkillers didn’t subsidize her problem and she started experiencing the movement of some foreign body within her ears. She had tried her level best to dig deep into the ears to figure out any obstacle but in vain. She had also constantly asked her daughter to find out any object using a flashlight. Finally, she consulted a doctor who could find out the presence of a spider deep inside ears. Finally, it was a happy ending for both Lakshmi and the spider as it was made to crawl out of the ears by the doctor who constantly illuminated her ears with a flashlight and succeeded in evacuating the creature from ears.  According to Dr. Shivaswamy, who did this operation— “Though it is common to witness emergency room visits due to the presence a foreign object in the ear and can be operated with a simple procedure.” Presence of a living insect in human ear is a difficult task to handle as the patient’s anxiety complicates the entire procedure.”

If you aren’t allergic or phobic to witness ‘Live’ video of Spider crawling out of human ears have a look at the following YouTube link

Friends, we might not be Phobic of any insects, but the fact that a six-legged creature resides in ears sends fear down the spine for any human being and this Indian woman is not an exception.

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