Zaaria Patni – Wedded, Abused And Pregnant At 19, She Walked Out Of Her Marriage To Start Afresh For Her Son

Love is the most important essence of life which makes life sweeter than honey and happier than anything else in the world. Every human on this Earth depends on love from one person or the other in order lead a fulfilling life. Loving a person and being loved back by the same person is one of the best feelings in the world. But what if the same person whom you loved unconditionally turns out to be a devil? What if that person rather than loving you back commit all kind of evil acts against you? That feeling is one of the worst feelings in the world. Hating the same person you used to love once is worse than a curse. Your love, your source of strength turning out to be your biggest enemy is by no means a sign of life leading you in the right direction.


Zaaria Patni’s life turned out exactly the same way as described below. She fell in love with a handsome guy at a young age of 19 and they decided to get married soon. Just as she thought life was going on well and she would have a wonderful life ahead, life started turning upside down. The same person who was a darling and who could do anything to keep her happy turned out to be a devil. Her husband was beyond any devil one could ever imagine.

During her honeymoon itself, her husband started revealing his true colors by forcing her not to look at anyone else but him and did not let her visit the shops he didn’t like and also forced her to wear only that dress which he wanted her to. This was just the beginning and by the passage of time, his evil acts grew with much intensity and cruelty. In London when they were visiting a relative she was asked only to wear a salwar without a jacket even though it was freezing cold outside. Likewise, she was abandoned from turning on AC in Dubai and if she tried to do so during the midnight owing to rise in temperature this cruel husband of hers would smash all her perfumes and turn her wardrobe outside down.

Zaaria hoping that all of this would come to an end one day displayed a lot of patience and did all she could to make her husband happy. But this devil only gave her sorrow and unhappiness. He used to force himself on her whenever he wished without even asking her what she felt about it. This way she became pregnant within 6 months into her marriage. During pregnancy too he gave her innumerable problems from hiding her medicines to making her bleed for 24 hours straight before taking her to hospital.

She was in Mumbai when she decided enough is enough and filed for a divorce. After a long battle, she was able to get the custody of her child. Though she was away from her cruel husband now, life had not stopped throwing difficult questions at her. Now she had to prepare for a new battle! A battle to change the system.

A new battle

Zaaria was finally away from her evil husband and was completely involved in managing her family business of logistics when she decided to rekindle her passion for photography. She became so good at the art that she started working for big brands like Vero Moda, ONLY, Gap, Madison Prerto and Gaurav Gupta. Projects started pouring in and she had to go abroad to complete some of them. Zaaria who was a young mother by then had no intention of leaving her baby behind and hence decided to apply visa for her child, Muhammad.

That is when she was confronted with a new problem, the need of father’s signature on the passport application in order to receive a visa to her child. The system asked her to bring the same man with whom she had cut all ties and had vowed never to look at him ever again. She knew she had a long way to go but also knew that she would fight with anybody be it the government, bureaucracy or even the courts just to bring the much-needed change in the passport policy.

She had visited the passport office 100 times, pleaded the officers a thousand times and did everything she could to get a passport and visa approval for her only child but all of it went in vain. She now decided it was enough and hence tweeted to Sushma Swaraj about her problem and also approached where she received support from 96,000 netizens. As she received such massive response to her petition, the government also understood the problem and hence took steps to change it.

By her fight, she was able to bring an important change in the policy requiring only one parent to get a passport for the child rather than the earlier mandatory requirement of signatures of both the parents. Zaaria has not had an easy life by any means neither has she ever bowed down to the questions thrown by life. She has successfully managed to win over all the situations by displaying an extreme amount of determination and courage throughout her life.

Zaaria is truly an inspiration to all of those who feel bogged down by the immensity of problems in their respective lives. Her life story can be a source of inspiration and a ray of hope for people who are searching for something that can change their lives forever. Do share this article to help all those people get some inspiration and bring that much-needed change in their lives.


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